The 24 Best Amazon FireStick Apps to Replace Your Cable TV

amazon firestick apps

Over a few years, people have shifted away from treating TV as their primary screen and more towards smartphones and tablets. TVs used to be quite limited. That is they had pretty straightforward functionality; plug cable box with your TV and start watching. Want to check out the best Amazon FireStick apps? Keep on reading.

With the growing popularity of digital apps, TVs became “Smart.” Then streaming devices became a thing. They plug directly in the TV and let users enjoy digital apps like video-streaming services. One such popular streaming device is Amazon’s FireStick.

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What is a FireStick?

FireStick is Amazon’s solution for streaming media via digital applications. It is part of the Fire TV family. FireStick is the size of an average USB thumb-drive and plugs directly in the HDMI port of your display. But its functionality far outweighs its size.

The Amazon store for Fire TV features hundreds of apps. These apps range from on-demand video streaming services like Netflix, music streaming services like Spotify or live IPTV like BBC. FireStick supports up to 4K resolution, giving users the ability to watch their favorite content in Ultra HD.

Devices like Fire TV are becoming a replacement for cable TV. The on-demand nature of digital streaming services means that users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows when they want. Network channels like HBO have also introduced a digital streaming platform that pushes the same content to people watching via the internet.

With such robust functionality, FireStick and such devices have had a huge impact, following up with multiple hardware iterations.

24 Best Amazon FireStick Apps 2019

Let’s take a look at some of the best Amazon FireStick apps that work as an alternative to your cable TV.

  • Netflix

Ask anyone about the best video-streaming platform, and there are high chances you will hear Netflix. That’s because Netflix’s contribution is popularizing the digital video-streaming space is unparalleled. You can even say that many other services came into existence as a reaction to Netflix.

Over the years, Netflix has produced exclusive TV shows and movies for its platform. It gives Netflix edge over its competition. You can download the Netflix app from the Amazon Fire TV store for free.

  • Kodi

Kodi is not a streaming service but a streaming application. It lets you add addons which are another term for apps. It’s an open-source application, so a large majority of addons are third-party and created by Kodi’s community.

If there’s an add-on that’s not available officially, the chances are that someone has created it under a different name. Kodi addons let you watch movies or watch channels from around the world. It works with VPN as well, so geo-restriction and ISP intervention is not a problem.

  • Silent Ghost HD

This free app serves video-on-demand. The service features both movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. It’s available for Windows, iOS, and Android. So whichever of the three platforms you pick, you’ll have access to the full library of content offered by Silent Ghost HD.

Although the interface is pretty straight-forward, the experience is not without advertisements. I guess that’s the downside of a free service.

  • Cinema APK

As the name might suggest, Cinema APK is available only on the Android platform. It’s a popular app for streaming movies and TV shows. Unlike some other streaming services, Cinema APK does not host pirated content; it only provides movie links obtained legally.

To get Cinema APK, you need to download its apk for FireStick from the website and follow the instructions detailed on the page.

  • Morph TV

Here’s another free video-streaming app for you. It’s a clone of the Morpheus TV app which was shut down and did not receive updates anymore. Morph TV delivers movies and TV shows in 1080p and even 4K resolution.

The app is available for Android, iOS, FireStick, and Windows. The latest version is v1.74 which you can obtain here.

  • TVZion

TVZion features a large collection of movies and TV shows. Blockbuster movies like Avengers: Infinity War and popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory are available to stream on the platform. TVZion’s interface has a striking visual appeal which highlights popular movies and newest additions for you.

Furthermore, TVZion supports RealDebrid. So you’ll get the best streaming links. It also supports Trakt for a personalized experience, and Cast functionality via Chromecast.

  • TeaTV

This free video-streaming app is available for Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Featured in the services are movies and TV shows delivered in high-definition – up to 1080p resolution. It lets you even download content for offline viewing.

The app is available to download here.

  • Crackle

Crackle is a video-streaming service from Sony. Crackle is a very hit and miss experience in terms of finding movies you are looking for, especially new ones. Although it has a good selection of old movies, new movies are largely unavailable. You could try it as a last resort for content unavailable on other services.

It’s a free service but restricted only to the United States and Canada.

  • Newest Movies HD

This app also supports Chromecast. Weighing in at just 5MB, it’s small in size and works only on Android devices. It remains active with new releases, and you can stream content in 720p, 1080p or higher resolutions. The app has categorized content by trending, new releases, movies, series, and animated.

  • Pluto TV

Just the perfect kind of replacement for cable TV for you. Pluto TV lets you watch from a list of 100+ live TV channels. And it’s free, all you need to do is download the app which is available for Android devices, Apple TV, and PlayStation 4.

  • Dream TV

Dream TV is a paid solution. It will cost you $5 CAD for a 3-day pass and $30 CAD for a month. Although it’s available on major platforms, you’re probably better off subscribing to other services. Once you have bought a package, login credentials will be delivered to you via registered email.

  • BeeTV

BeeTV is another that lets you watch live TV from channels around the world. Like many others, BeeTV does not host the content. Instead, it searches for available links on the internet and offers them to you. As Bee TV explains itself, it can find a movie or TV show using modules building by its community.

Bee TV is available on Android devices, and you can download it from here.

  • OneBox HD

OneBox HD is available for Android and iOS devices. For the former, you will have to visit their website to download the .apk file. It’s a similar app like some others on our list. You can use it as an alternative to cable TV to watch movies and TV shows from around the world.

  • Crunchy Roll

Calling all anime and manga fans, this one is for you. Crunchyroll is a popular option aimed primarily at anime lovers. The app delivers anime like Naruto Shippuden, Terraformars, Inferno Cop, and many other popular ones.

There’s also premium subscription which gives you access to an unrestricted library and ad-free experience. You’ll also get new content as early as 1 hour after it has aired on Japanese broadcast.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV is a service that combines many network providers to deliver you one of the largest collection of channels. SlingTV includes ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network, Disney, History, Bloomberg, Syfy, NBC, National Geographic and many more. Starting at $15, each Sling TV subscription package includes a set number of channels.

  • Mobdro

Mobdro is a popular one. It fetches streaming links from the internet on just about any topic. It lets you recommend videos to your friends, organize your watch history by language or topic or download streams for offline view. It’s available only for the Android platform.

  • ESPN

This service requires no introduction. ESPN is one of the leading sports channels delivering live events for years. ESPN also offers video-streaming for folks streaming via the internet. It is a paid service, so just like the cable version, you’ll need to pay to access what it has to offer.

  • Sky News

Missing your daily news? Download Sky News. As the case with many cable networks, Sky News also offers live streaming over the internet. Their app is available for multiple platforms including FireStick.

  • BBC News

Similar to Sky News, you can watch some British-flavored news straight through your FireStick. BBC is one of the most widely-seen news channels in the world; it adds to more reasons to why digital services are replacing cable TV. Download BBC News app through Amazon’s store.

  • Youtube

And how can we forget the biggest video-streaming platform on the planet? Content on Youtube feels unlimited. Sports clips, live broadcasts, news, user-uploaded content – Youtube has it all. Because Youtube hosts videos are going back as far as a decade, you’ll have to put up with low resolution and quality in older videos.

  • Kodi Solutions IPTV

This app delivers more than 4000 channels from around the world. The channels are delivered in high-definition quality, so you get to enjoy the best picture quality on your HDTV. Popular channels offered by Kodi Solutions IPTV includes ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBCSN. However, the service is not free; you can order Kodi Solutions IPTV by going here.

  • Ckay TV

Available for Android devices, CKay TV lets you stream movies for free. It’s not available via PlayStore, so you will need to side-load the app on your FireStick by going here.

  • Twitch is a video-streaming platform which emerges just a few years ago. Thanks to gamers who love to show the world live-gameplay, Twitch exploded in popularity. Even though the platform hosts other types of content, it’s much more popular for gaming. It’s a free platform but also offers a premium membership.

  • Spotify

Simply put, Spotify is the best music-streaming service on the planet. With over 87 million paid users, Spotify offers the biggest library of music of any service in the same space. Although the service offers a free package, it’s very restricted in that. Free subscription plays Spotify’s library in a shuffle. Paid membership gets you an ad-free experience and the ability to download any song for offline listening.

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Important Apps for FireStick

That concludes our list of the best Amazon FireStick apps where you can enjoy movies and TV shows. But FireStick is a robust device, and as such, here are a few apps you should get on your FireStick. Some of them might be a prerequisite for downloading apps we have listed above.

  1. Downloader

When an app is not available through Amazon App Store, you will need to download its .apk file off the internet. That will require you to download an app that will handle the download for you. The Downloader app is available via the Amazon app store. It is going to be a handy tool for you; download it anyway.

  1. Filelinked

Got multiple files that you want to download in one go? Filelinked takes care of that. Just enter the URLs and Fire linked will download them in a batch, forgoing the hassle of typing in a URL after each download.

  1. Mouse Toggle

Some apps are remote-friendly, and some are not. Most of the apps in the market are focused on touch-screen devices; they don’t always provide a great experience for remote-controlled devices like FireStick. Mouse Toggle helps in that situation by placing a cursor on the screen which you can move around with navigation keys on your FireStick remote. It’s incredibly helpful.

  1. Firefox

A web browser should be one of the apps for FireStick in your device. You can not only visit websites but also stream videos from websites that have no app, like Putlocker.

  1. Aptoide

Aptoide is an alternative to FireStick app store and Google Play Store. Aptoide is a trusted source for apps. So rest assured, you won’t be downloading apps disguised as a harmful code. Use this only when the app is not downloading via Amazon’s App Store.

Use VPN for FireStick

We cannot stress the importance of VPN for FireStick, especially when using streaming through free movies apps for Firestick. Many of the sources that offer movies and TV shows are under strict copyright violations. These are contents obtained illegally. If the ISP catches you streaming such content, you will be reported to the DMCA. Getting notice from the DMCA on copyright violation grounds is something you should prevent at all costs.

VPN masks your identity on the internet and hides internet activity from third-parties like the ISP. It also encrypts data so that it’s virtually impossible to steal the data.


If you’re apprehensive about leaving your cable T, then take the plunge and try out these services. If you want the best experience, then go with paid services like Netflix and Sling TV. They offer the biggest content library and the best speeds while streaming.

Check out this guide for the best Amazon FireStick apps. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see movies and TV shows lined up in front just waiting to be played at your will.

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