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Terms of Acceptance

We welcome you to Firetvsticks.com. All our visitors and members are hereby briefed that the use of firetvsticks.com is governed by Terms and Conditions explained below. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

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Content Submitted To Firetvsticks.com

Firetvsticks.com features designated areas where users may post or upload content, such as but not limited to, text and images.

Firetvsticks.com shall hold the right to delete, edit, lock, or move any such content without notice. Firetvsticks.com shall hold the right to review posted content and take appropriate action at its discretion if the content violates with the Terms and Conditions. The review shall be done as part of active moderation or as part of complaint(s).

Firetvsticks.com shall not be held responsible for the content posted on its website by users. By posting content, you agree to grant Firetvsticks.com with the royalty-free right to copy, edit, distribute, publish, or display the said content in any form or medium anywhere in the world.

Third Party Services

Firetvsticks.com may display products or links not its own. We refer to these are third-parties.

Firetvstick.com has no control or influence over third-party content display displayed on the website. From time to time, Firetvsticks.com may receive a fee/commission from third-parties for featuring or endorsing a product or service on the website.

Externals links leading to third-party websites or actions taken by users influenced by endorsements shall strictly be the sole responsibility of users. Firestickstv.com shall not claim responsibility for any agreement or understanding that you enter with a third-party, this includes, but not limited to, purchase of products or services.

Member Conduct

When you agree to be part of the Firetvsticks.com or use the website in any way, you shall adhere to the following rules:

  • You shall not post content that violates copyright laws or post intellectual property without rights. Posts that are abusive, threatening, hateful, offensive to any race/creed/religion/gender, defamatory, obscene, invasive of someone‚Äôs privacy, or illegal shall be treated as violations of the Terms and Conditions.
  • You shall not upload or post files or programs that interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of this website
  • Post or upload content for the purpose of promotion or advertising, commercial or otherwise.
  • Restrict people from using this website
  • Post/upload content that has already been posted/uploaded by you or another user. Such repetitive content could be considered spam.
  • Post/Upload content that is irrelevant to the subject matter or the purpose of this website
  • Post/Upload content to Firetvsticks.com using a free email account
  • Register on this website under another username and email account while having an active profile already
  • You shall not use this website that is inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions expressed at the time

You are responsible for using this website that in accordance with the Terms and Conditioned outlined above, as well as creating a strong password to protect your account. You agree to indemnify Firetvsticks.com for any loss, damage or expense that they suffer because of your use of this website, in full or as deemed fit by Firetvsticks.com.

Your continued use of this website shall be a sign of agreement to the latest Terms and Conditions.

Online Competitions

Online Competitions held on this website from time to time and your participation in them shall be bound by the rules specified by Firetvsticks.com.

Firetvsticks.com shall hold the right to disqualify any contestant or winner in absolute discretion and without notice, in accordance with the rules.

General Usage

The Terms and Conditions outlined constitutes the agreement between you and Firetvsticks.com over the use of this website. The Terms and Conditions supersede any and all previous arrangements, agreements, proposals, or undertaking, whether written or oral, between you and Firetvsticks.com in relation to such matters.

Firetvsticks.com reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. No other version of this Terms and Conditions shall be applicable unless authorized by a representative on behalf of Firetvsticks.com