How To Watch Disney Plus by Using VPN?

How To Watch Disney Plus By Using VPN

From our childhood till adulthood, Disney has been incessantly making us overwhelmed with the never-ending list of fascinating movies. The enchanting Disney journey is showing no sign of stopping in fact, it is turning a bit more revolutionary with the latest launch of Disney Plus on 12 Nov.

Disney Plus is the latest streaming service that will let you stream all your favorite movies. Just like Netflix, it is also a video-on-demand service.

You can stream Disney Plus on various devices like Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV, PS4, and Android TV. However, if you are using a browser to watch Disney Plus, then there is a Disney Plus app that you can install anytime you want to access Disney library.

As I mentioned earlier Disney Plus is very much similar to Netflix, and just like the biggest streaming service Netflix, Disney Plus is also available in just a few countries yet.

Countries, where Disney Plus is officially available, are the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. It means that viewers living outside the mentioned locations cannot access Disney Plus content and the same is the case with Netflix which also supports limited regions.

To watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix and or Disney Plus, you will need a VPN service otherwise you will miss out on all your favorites.

In case, if you are living in a country that supports both Disney Plus and Netflix, still getting a VPN service will be helpful to access content while traveling outside the supported regions.

Currently, Disney Plus is planning on releasing its official version to a few more countries in 2020, but till then you can access everything that Disney Plus has an inbox for you with a VPN. Just in case, if you have no clue how to use a VPN to access Disney Plus then here’s how to do it:

  • Grab a VPN service that supports Disney and Netflix countries (I will recommend Surfshark)
  • Download VPN to your preferred device
  • Connect to any server in the Disney Plus supported countries
  • Go to Disney Plus and Sign Up
  • Login
  • Search and watch your favorite.

It’s that simple! Using any VPN will help you unblock whatever you want. The only things that should be your prime focus are speed and servers offered by your VPN provider.

What to Expect from Disney Plus?

There is so much that you can expect from the newly launched streaming service. The content that you can now watch on Disney+ is surely going to be a massive treat for Disney lovers. Covering everything from love to fun, from adventure to magic, from fantasy to horror and everything in between is right there at Disney’s streaming site.

We all are Disney fans somewhere, and the thing that compels us to access Disney Plus is that it is full of the best Disney’s rewatchable movies. So, in my opinion, streaming Disney Plus will be the best way to relive your childhood.

Here’s a quick review of the movies that you can expect to watch on the Disney Plus:

  • All your favorite typical Disney movies and shows
  • All the latest releases from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic.

There are more titles in the list including Three Men and a Bee, Frozen, animated X-Men series 2002, Three Musketeers, Home Alone movies (All three parts) and much more is there.

All in all, Disney Plus launch lineup is quite striking that you can watch if you are living in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, and New Zealand. Viewers living outside these countries can setup Surfshark to access the Disney Plus content from anywhere.

How to Signup Disney Plus?

Only viewers who are living in the Disney Plus supported region can easily access and signup Disney Plus. People living in countries other than that will get the error below:

Disney Plus Streaming Error

To ignore this error you may install Surfshark. It will unblock Disney Plus for you from anywhere around the world. However, USA viewers can sign up Disney Plus by visiting Disney Plus official website.

How Much Will Disney Plus Cost You?

Paying for an ad-free streaming service is not that frustrating, especially when the streaming site is powered by the world’s biggest entertainer Disney. Here’s what you need to pay to access Disney Plus:

  • You got to pay $6.99 per month.
  • There is a cheaper package that will make you pay $69.99 yearly which means only $5.83/month.

You can also go for a bundled package that lets you get connected with Hulu and ESPN+ all together with Disney Plus. If you will avail this package, then you have to pay $12.99/m.

In Conclusion

Now, when you know everything about how to stream Disney Plus and Netflix with and without a VPN, its high time to watch all the available Disney blockbusters. Also, the holiday season is right there knocking your door so there is nothing wrong with expecting some hot Christmas discounts on Disney Plus. Keep checking your favorite sites to avail great discounts. Also, don’t forget to get a discount on VPN to unblock your favorite geo-restricted content.

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