How to Install Terrarium TV on FireStick – Step by Step Guide

Install Terrarium TV On Firestick

Let’s face it, everyone does not have the extra money to splash on movie and TV show streaming services such as Netflix or HBO. This is where Terrarium TV steps in to make sure that people can enjoy streaming high-quality movies and TV shows without ever worrying about their budget. Terrarium TV boasts an incredible catalog of content which is completely free! Yes, you read that right Terrarium TV provides an unbelievable list of movies and TV shows without any hidden charges or additional fees.

However, you might have heard that Terrarium TV has, unfortunately, shut down its app. If you have already downloaded the app, you will not be able to launch the app as it will only prompt for an update. Updating the app will not change anything and the app is no longer available as the developers no longer support the app or the platform. This news had sent a shock wave all around the world as Terrarium TV has a global fan base who relied on their app for seamless streaming. Rest assured, we have articulated the perfect guide on how you can install Terrarium TV on Fire Stick even though the app has been discontinued. So if you want to install Terrarium TV on Firestick, simply follow the steps mentioned below to make this all possible.

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Attention: Please Read This Before You Continue

Contrary to popular belief, governments and ISPs monitor every user’s online activities. If you are caught streaming illegal content on your Firestick, you can land yourself in a lot of trouble. This is exactly why we would recommend getting a renowned VPN before you install Terrarium TV on Firestick. There are many VPN providers out there such as FastestVPN which is perfectly compatible with Firestick.

A VPN will not only hide your IP but will also provide you with access to geo-restricted content in a safe and secure manner. Furthermore, FastestVPN offers a zero data-logging policy so you never need to worry about your digital footprint being accessed by unwanted third parties. So before you install Terrarium TV on your Firestick, subscribe to a renowned VPN.

Install Terrarium TV on Firestick by using the Downloader APP

Since the original Terrarium TV app has been discontinued, we have found a way to work around this and enjoy its popular content. In order to download Terrarium TV on Firestick, you will need to use MX player before downloading the Terrarium TV app. If you have already downloaded Terrarium TV, you will need to uninstall the file before you can download and access the patched version.

Step 1: Turn on downloads from external sources

The very first step of this process involves turning on downloads from external sources. This is turned off by default and you will need to click on settings, then select System and click on developers’ option. Click on the toggle to turn on downloads from external sources.

Step 2: Install the downloader app from the Amazon Store

Go to your FireStick home screen and click on the search option, look up the Downloader app and install the file.

Step 3: Run the Downloader App

Okay once you have installed the Downloader app, the next step is to launch the Downloader app which should be located in your Apps & Channels section.

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Step 4: Enter the following URL

You should see an option to enter the URL of the website or file you want to load. Copy-paste this link in the empty field,

Step 5: Hit the go button and wait for the download

After you enter the URL, click on go and wait for the Downloader to install the mod APK version of Terrarium TV. This URL will work on other platforms such as FireStick and Fire TV Cube.

Step 6: Install the file to continue

Once the download has completed, you will see an icon for next located on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on next to change it to install then continue installing the file.

Step 7: Wait for the installation and click “Done”

This is a very important step, please make sure you click on done instead of open, once the APK version of Terrarium has been installed. You will need to download and install MX player before you can access the content.

Step 8: Delete the download

After you click on done, you will need to return to the downloader window. Now you will need to delete the file by clicking on the file. Click on delete twice to successfully delete the file, you won’t need the download anymore as the file has already been installed on your device.

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Step 9: Now download the MX player on Firestick

After deleting the file, the next step is returning to the home tab on the Downloader app. Copy-paste this link in the search option,

Step 10: Click on download and install the file

Once the file has been downloaded, click on install which is located on the bottom right corner. The installation process may take a few minutes so be patient.

Step 11: Click on “Done” once the installation is complete

Again you will need to make sure that you do not click on open once the installation is complete. Simply click done as we do not need to use or open MX player directly.

Step 12: Click on your apps & channels to run Terrarium TV

Don’t worry you are almost finished, once you run Terrarium TV you will get a changelog prompt, which proves that you have followed each step correctly. Simply click on OK.

Step 13: Choose your default player  

After you click on OK, you will get a prompt to choose your default video player. Scroll through the options and click on the MX player.

Step 14: Accept and Enjoy Terrarium TV on Firestick

Finally read through the disclaimer and click accept. Voila, you can now enjoy Terrarium TV on your Amazon Firestick.

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How to Enjoy Terrarium TV on FireStick without Worrying About Privacy Issues

As mentioned above, all of your activities on Terrarium TV can be monitored by your ISP and Government. The only way to work around this is by installing a VPN that is compatible with your Firestick device. A VPN will not only help protect your data but will also enhance your online streaming experience. There is a ton of content online which is only available in certain geographic locations, so a VPN will help ensure that you gain access to unlimited content all around the world.

Before you start streaming Terrarium TV on your Firestick, consider a VPN as a prerequisite. Rest assured, VPNs are designed to provide incredible user convenience and you can actually setup a secure network within a matter of minutes. After careful evaluation of the top VPN providers in the market, we would recommend FastestVPN due to its incredible pricing and high-grade security. All you have to do is follow the three steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Subscribe to FastestVPN

The first and most important step is to subscribe to FastestVPN, click here to avail of their services. FastestVPN offers multiple packages so chose the one that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Download FastestVPN on Firestick 

Once you have subscribed to FastestVPN, turn on your Firestick and in the search options look for FastestVPN and download the app.

Step 3: Install the app and sign up

Wait for the installation to complete then click on the FastestVPN app, you will be directed to a sign-up screen. Enter your login credentials and now enjoy safe unlimited streaming.

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Install Terrarium TV on Firestick using Apps2fire

There is no doubt that the method mentioned above will help you install Terrarium TV on FireStick. However, if you face any trouble you can try this method instead. Before we teach you how to install Terrarium TV on Firestick by using Apps2fire, you will need to download the app on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app, consider following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Turn on “ADB Debugging”

So the very first step is accessing your settings from your Firestick main menu. You will need to click on the device or system, then click on the developer option. You will now see a toggle for ADB debugging, turn this on to enable ADB connections over the network.

Step 2: Write down your FireStick IP address

For the next step, you will need to write down your FireStick IP address. Click on the system/device. Then click on about and access your network. You will now see your IP address on the right-hand side of the screen, so write your IP address down with precision.

Step 3: Download and Install Terrarium TV on Your Smartphone

After you have written your IP address down, the next step is to download and install Terrarium TV on your smartphone. Use the following link to download the APK version of Terrarium TV,

Step 4: Launch the Apps2fire application on your smartphone

Okay, now you will need to launch the Apps2fire application on your smartphone and then click on setup. You will now see an option to add IP address of your Firestick device, write down the IP address you saved from the previous step. Once you click on save, you can now move on to the next step.

Step 5: Click on local apps

After you have added your device’s IP address, go back to your home screen and click on Local Apps. In the search, option find Terrarium TV app and click on install. Since you have added your IP address, it will automatically install on your Firestick device as well.

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Conclusion – Install Terrarium TV on FireStick

Both of the methods mentioned above have been designed to perfection in order to make sure you do not face any trouble while installing Terrarium TV on your FireStick. Choose the method which you find easier and just follow the steps to successfully install Terrarium TV on Firestick. Please do keep your data protected by subscribing to a renowned VPN as this can save you from a lot of trouble.

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