The Best Google Chrome VPN Extension in 2019

Best Google Chrome VPN Extension

We all know the difficulty of choosing the best Chrome VPN Extension of 2019, which is why we designed this blog to help you in your search. However, the best VPN also grants its user the added benefit of being user friendly and security driven. This means the latest in encryption in the form of “AES-256 Bit” encryption, and NAT Firewall Protection.

Google Chrome has learned to maximize your user-experience by collecting and monitoring your browsing patterns and habits, regardless of your location. For this specific reason, we recommend subscribing to a VPN provider, ensuring your essential privacy and internet security rights remain protected.

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the ultimate privacy tool designed to secure your network with firewalls and encryption technology, thus stopping hackers and other third parties from also stealing your data or selling it. This may sound trivial to you but in a world of growing cyber security problems, these issues shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of a VPN provider is its ability to access geo-restricted content, from anywhere in the world. When paired with your browser, such as Google Chrome, it allows you to watch all the latest matches and live events without the worry of being locked out.

Throughout this blog we shall discuss all of the latest VPN providers, which fulfill these exact demands. However, in the end the choice is up for you to decide.

Top 5 best VPN Chrome extensions for browsers in 2019

The following is our list of the top 5 best VPN for Chrome extensions:


FastestVPN is one of the latest virtual private network providers which got founded in 2017 with all the latest features and security protocols you would see in more prominent VPN providers. These features help customers achieve absolute anonymity while browsing, regardless of the device they use. Features like the DNS leak prevention and an internet kill switch are also worth mentioning as well, due to their importance if you are browsing anonymously.

However, with that said, you cannot use a chrome extension without first subscribing to the service. For this reason, FastestVPN’s hugely popular website also hosts a variety of blogs, and step by step guides to help you effortlessly download their Chrome extension. However, if you still don’t believe FastestVPN, is a good option then no problem. All their packages also come with 15-day guaranteed money back policy.


ExpressVPN is the second best VPN provider on our list when it comes to finding the best VPN extension for Chrome, one cannot forget ExpressVPN due to its extensive features and excellent user-friendly interface. Moreover, with millions of customers worldwide you honestly cannot go wrong with ExpressVPN and even though ExpressVPN doesn’t offer any of their services free, many would recommend it regardless due to its Chrome extension feature.

ExpressVPN is built on the ideals of providing the ultimate internet security tool, regardless of where you are in the world. Many third-party review sites significantly revere ExpressVPN. However, “there is no good without the bad,” and ExpressVPN is no stranger to bad customer service, due to its laggy servers and slow customer care line.

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NordVPN takes the cake when you consider the sheer number of servers it has worldwide. Moreover, their service is also perfectly suitable for streaming and access to geo-blocked content, which gives them a competitive edge over their competition. Furthermore, their AES-256 bit encryption and NAT firewall protection give you the added benefit of remaining secure from third parties and hackers, who wish to sell your data online for their self-gain.

It is no surprise that NordVPN is immensely popular amongst privacy-focused customers, hosting servers in nearly 58 countries. However, their slow refund policy is one of their main drawbacks as well as their steep pricing.


CyberGhost is another great VPN provider known for its vast server-count and numerous features. However, CyberGhost has been in deep waters lately on alleged security scandals, which may be concerning to many customers. Any VPN provider which compromises on your security isn’t considered a VPN in our opinion at all!

However, CyberGhost does fulfill the features you would expect in a top-notch VPN, making them one of the most desirable VPNs for Chrome on any device that supports it. The CyberGhost team also works tirelessly around the clock to provide top-notch customer service, wherever possible. You can expect a reply from them within the hour if you have any queries about their services.


IPVanish comes equipped with an impressive 1000 servers across 60 different countries. IPVanish hosts a wide range of features for you to enjoy such as unlimited bandwidth across 10 simultaneous devices, and absolutely no data logging at all; to name a few. These features make them extremely useful when coupled with Google Chrome, which does the opposite.

With the one of the highest number of devices supported overall in our list of the best VPN for Chrome extension, you might think IPVanish has it all. However, their services lack the most essential feature of all, which is a cost-effective price, or excellent customer service.

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Conclusion: Which VPN extension for Chrome is better?

Now that you have made it through this blog, you must have a pretty good idea of the best VPN for Chrome extension even if you’re still undecided, no need to worry as regardless of what Virtual Private Network you choose, you’re guaranteed a chrome extension if it is from our list. In our opinion, you should consider all these VPNs to see which one suits you the best, keeping in mind user-experience and security above all else. The best VPN should also offer you ultra-fast speeds, offer the best latency and best torrent downloading speed.

All VPNs in our list are arranged in order of ranking and best overall according to our demands and standards.

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