The Best VPN for Android – Most Popular Choices Based on Reviews

Best VPN For Android

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system owned by the tech giant Google, it is an open source platform. Google has also developed a variation for TV called Android TV, which features an incredibly interactive functional user interface allowing you to watch the best movies and TV shows at your leisure, and in HD.

However, regardless of what you watch, you shall require the best VPN for Android to remove any geo-restrictions you may have in your area. Not to forget unwanted ads and harmful malware can also be removed using the right VPN for Android.

First version of Android was developed back in 2007, with the first Android device made commercially available for the public in 2008. Now years later, the current version of Android “Pie,” promises the latest in features and ultra-fast operating speed without compromising on your user experience.

VPN for Android gives you a range of features to surf the internet with freedom. Features which include: dedicated VPN apps, device compatibility, simultaneous connections, DNS leak protection, P2P optimized servers, unlimited server switching, unlimited bandwidth, Wi-Fi security, 256-Bit AES encryption, multiple protocol, money back guarantee, NAT firewall protection, internet kill switch, anonymous torrenting, fast buffering and downloading. FastestVPN is an excellent example of one VPN provider which possess all these features.

Specific laws and regulations regulate the ability to watch movies and TV shows on our Android devices outside the country they initially were filmed.

However, VPN grants us the ability to keep our precious user identity hidden, while at the same time safeguards against any legal notices. Follow our guide to ensure you get the best VPN for Android. First, we shall discuss the various copyright infringement penalties around the world so that you have a clear understanding of why VPNs are required.

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Country wise Copyright Penalties

United States

In the US, copyright law is as strict as ever with infringers penalized with hefty fines for breaking the law. Moreover, anyone found guilty of downloading copyrighted material without permission can also find themselves placed in jail.

Last year alone, more than a thousand documented lawsuits got filed regarding pirated streaming websites.

United Kingdom

The enactment of the Digital Economy Act (DEA) has effectively increased the maximum prison sentence for copyright infringers. Moreover, the act also outlawed pirated streaming sites, thus making VPN more critical.

As of right now, all popular streaming websites are blocked in the United Kingdom.


The Canadian Copyright Modernization Act enacted in 2012 requires all ISPs and even VPN providers within the jurisdiction of the Canadian government to forward legal notices to all their subscribers when using such illegal streaming sites.

Fines have also been imposed on providers who do not comply with this act. The law demands VPN providers to log data on all their subscribers for 6 months. This section of the law creates a massive liability for all users, as the best VPN for Android shouldn’t log any data at all.


Online piracy is highly-prohibited in Germany. First-time offenders are legally required to pay fines upwards of 200 €.

The German government is much harsher on operators of online piracy and streaming sites. Proving that online piracy is taken extremely seriously in Germany; thus, we recommend using VPN at all costs.


Online pirates in Australia face severe fines or five years of minimum imprisonment. The government of Australia has also doubled down on the persecution of online pirates by passing stricter laws in parliament, which protects copyright holders.

Although only a few cases have sprung up on the charge of copyright infringement. It is always recommended to use a VPN; thus, without further ado, here are some of the best VPNs for Android.

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Best VPNs for Android Devices


When subscribing to FastestVPN, you automatically are guaranteed a vast array of features for every package you avail. The goal behind subscribing to FastestVPN is to get unrestricted streaming access to all the best broadcasters, and streaming sites, ensuring you do not miss the incredible action of all your favorite live matches, movies, TV shows, documentaries and events on your Android device as they unfold.

When it comes to our fundamental privacy rights, FastestVPN has emerged as the ultimate tool when you are looking for safe and reliable internet access and without geo-restrictions. With millions of customers all over the globe, FastestVPN comes highly recommend, regardless of where you are in the world! FastestVPN built their vast customer base on the principles of speed, security, and customer satisfaction, which thus became the cornerstone to all of their operations. Although relatively new to this industry, FastestVPN has worked to grow significantly since launch.


ExpressVPN is a VPN provider founded in Britain. ExpressVPN works by encrypting users’ web traffic and masking their IP address, and at the same time providing maximum security and privacy for on all known devices including your MacOS, Android, iOS, and routers. As of March 2019, ExpressVPN has officially stated to run thousands of remote servers across nearly 160 different locations across the globe, along with over 90 different countries worldwide.


IPVanish secures your online access by protecting you with a wall of encryption and numerous features like NAT Firewall protection, 256-Bit AES Encryption, and Wi-Fi security. With that in mind IPVanish can easily be termed as one of the most secure VPN provide. You can always head over to their website and learn more about these features as well.


CyberGhost is a uniquely-designed VPN service that was founded on the vision of defending the online privacy rights of all individuals across the globe.

CyberGhost is a strong supporter of civil rights and a free society. Thus using this VPN provider to stream all your torrents is the best option! Furthermore, don’t forget that CyberGhost also hosts a wide variety of apps which are compatible with all devices, including Android device.


Due to the various problems regarding cybersecurity across the globe, NordVPN emerged has emerged as the leading VPN provider in over 30 different countries, ensuring that the fundamental human right to stream anonymously gets ensured. With a range of cutting-edge features, which shields your internet activity from hackers and third parties, by protecting you whenever you stream movies and TV shows on your Android device.

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You now know whatever there is to know about safely and anonymously stream watch all your favorite TV shows and movies and documentaries on your Android device. Moreover, don’t forget to also use one of the best VPN for Android to make the most from all the exciting features.

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