Watch Hotstar Outside India For Free [Unrestricted Access to Content]

watch hotstar outside india

“Bollywood” is India’s largest film industry, in terms of quantity of movies. Not surprisingly in a bid to capture this vast audience and arsenal of movies, Hotstar was born and described as the Indian subscription-based video streaming service of the year, providing you with a vast variety of features including movies, TV shows, and sports especially the Indian premier league.

Most of Hotstar content outside India is geo-restricted anywhere else in the world. Thus we recommend subscribing to FastestVPN as you are guaranteed numerous features including DNS Leak Protection, ad blocking capability, Wi-Fi Security, and multi Login capability, which all come standard with every package.

So if you are traveling anywhere in the world and are a crazy fan of Bollywood movies, then worry no more. With this article, you can unlock all of the content Hotstar regardless of where you are in the world.

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Using FastestVPN to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

FastestVPN is a one of a kind service which can be used to access Hotstar for incredibly low prices anywhere. Using a VPN service is perhaps the only way to watch Indian movies, dramas, and matches outside India.

FastestVPN also hosts a variety of fun and interactive our apps which run seamlessly on any Android, Mac, and Windows device and can be used additionally to 20 other devices. With an innovative app interface, incredibly fast server speeds, and hundreds of servers geographically distributed in over the world.

Step by step guide

Follow this detailed step by step process to watch Hotstar using FastestVPN.

  1. Install FastestVPN, on your device by choosing any one of the packages or any other VPN service of your choice in that manner
  2. Launch the newly installed FastestVPN and click on locations option
  3. Locate and choose a Mumbai, Indian server
  4. Wait for the connection to get established

That’s it! Fastest VPN should be connected

Other VPNs

VPNs are by far the best tool to overcome geo-restrictions due to its unique ability which enables you to watch Hotstar outside India for as little cost as possible. Although it is true that FastestVPN, also demonstrates this process of bypassing geo-restrictions, other VPN services are also quite capable of this similar purpose.

Thus, listed below are some VPN providers, which have various servers located in India and can allow you to enjoy high-quality streaming at your leisure.


FastestVPN is this incredible Cayman Islands VPN provider founded back in 2017 to be the fastest growing VPN service in the world. Now over the past few years, they can honestly say that they accomplished that goal. Reaching millions of subscribers worldwide in a matter of just 2 years is an incredible feat in itself.


IPVanish is this amazingly popular VPN service provider developed by, a Swiss-based tech company. IPVanish has fought hard for its position as the number 1 most trusted Internet privacy provider across the globe. At IPVanish they believe that they are one of the best VPNs for torrenting regardless of what country you are situated. All they ask is that you subscribe and connect to IPVanish and download any torrent or stream any movies and TV show of your choice without worrying about your privacy getting leaked or irritating pop-up ads.


NordVPN founded back in 2012 and inspired by Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. At NordVPN, they only reflect moral standards to provide you with the overall goal of, freedom of choice. You are sure never to go wrong when using NordVPN.


With millions of active users globally, ExpressVPN attributes their long-standing success to their vast array of features from streamable content, which can be watched from anywhere and everywhere server locations in numerous countries, apps for every device, 24/7 customer service, anonymous browsing, and IP address masking what more could you possibly ask for?

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CyberGhost was founded back in 2011 in Bucharest, which is in Romania, with the common goal of defending your essential human privacy, regardless of where you are in the world. They pride themselves that they are the first VPN service to provide a transparency report, while building newly oriented crypto-technology for the future.

From all of these VPNs, you must now have a clear idea as to how you can watch Hotstar outside India, regardless of what VPN service you use just be sure to keep in mind that the right VPN provider must have a server in India, as only an Indian server can unblock Hotstar anywhere else in the world. Moreover, the best VPN must also be high-speed as the increased level of encryption must not wear down the internet connection speed

Lastly, the best VPN should also be user-friendly and easy-to-use. Thus above all else, we recommend subscribing to FastestVPN, which ensures you get all of the above-stated features and much more!

Watch ICC World Cup 2019 Outside India or in America on Hotstar?

If you’re a cricket fan and having troubles watching the World Cup 2019, then look no further than Hotstar as one of the world’s cheapest options. If you wish to watch the latest matches and events live online, wherever you are in the world, Hotstar paired with a VPN is your solution.

We recommend subscribing to FastestVPN, connecting to an Indian server and enjoying all of the latest cricket matches at the comfort of your home.

Watch the Indian Premier League Live Streaming on Hotstar

IPL 2019 is India’s biggest cricketing event, and Hotstar is currently hosting a live streaming event of all matches, including hundreds of clips highlighting key moments from every match.

However, to unlock this jaw-dropping action, and other IPL related content on Hotstar, you are going to need an excellent VPN service. Which is why we recommend using FastestVPN to ensure you don’t miss out!

Watch Football Online on Hotstar

Football fans all over the world should be extremely excited as you can now watch all the exciting matches, replays, and highlights of the season live and uncut on Hotstar.

By also subscribing to FastestVPN you are guaranteed the ability to watch Hotstar outside India, with as little cost as possible. Ensuring you don’t get stuck with geo-restrictions. Hence, you can watch your favorite team reach the finals from the comfort of your home.

Premium Hotstar Access

Although you can find a vast array of movies and TV shows which you can watch for free on Hotstar, some movies can only be watched by premium customers. Moreover, if you try to subscribe to Hotstar while in India, you can get differently priced packages; thus, we recommend following these prices:

All prices are in Indian Rupees and United States Dollars

  • Hotstar Premium – INR 999/year or USD 15/year
  • Hotstar VIP – INR 365/year or USD 6/year

Note: Only credit/debit card is accepted in India to be able to do this.

Just follow these steps to set up your premium package.

  1. Connect to an India server using FastestVPN (as stated above).
  2. Press the Choose your Plan button.
  3. Click on the plan of your choice (Choose-premium-package).
  4. Enter your email and password that you would want to use to register yourself with and create a new Hotstar account.
  5. Choose a payment option.
  6. Finally, complete the process to enjoy premium Hotstar content at discounted rates!

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Why Is Hotstar restricted in your region?

While it is true that online streaming sites have exclusive rights to air their respective channels in their own country, the same is not valid for any customer outside their country’s boundaries, and Hotstar is not different.

Hotstar works by checking your IP address and then granting permission to the user by either allowing him or her to access content or not. Moreover, If you’re outside its dedicated region, then a message can appear indicating that this ‘content is not available in your country.’ To bypass this and watch Hotstar outside India, VPNs,’ is your best option.

Watch Hotstar on Kodi

Hotstar is also available on Kodi and providing you with thousands of movies and dramas. Just follow these steps to install Hotstar in Kodi:

  • Add Super Repo to your Kodi Sources (Krypton v17.x)
  • Click the Settings cog from your Kodi Home Screen.
  • Now, open File Manager and then click Add Source
  • In the Path Box enter “”, then click Done
  • In the name enter Super Repo, click Done
  • Return to the Kodi Home Screen to install HotStar from the Repository.
  • From the left hand, menu click Add-Ons
  • Next, click the Add-ons browser icon
  • Click Install from Zip File > select Super Repo > click Krypton (if older click your version name) > Repositories > Superrepo >
  • Give access to the repository to unzip and show confirmation
  • Then click Install from Repository > Super Repo Krypton All > Video Add-ons > locate & click HotStar
  • Allow Add-on to install and wait for the confirmation
  • You will see the HotStar icon in the Video Add-Ons section once it has been installed.

Watch Hotstar on iOS

Hotstar is an extremely versatile device and is supported on every device including iOS, which includes your iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Nevertheless, even if you download the app, it is not very useful to you outside India. Thus if you use FastestVPN, you can be able to do just that. Here’s how:

  • Purchase and download a subscription to FastestVPN
  • Use your credentials to log into FastestVPN
  • Locate and select an Indian server
  • Visit the App Store once again to download Hotstar
  • Launch the app to and watch any Indian show of your choice

Watch Hotstar on AppleTV (only 4th gen only)

Follow these steps to watch Hotstar on your AppleTV:

Watch Hotstar on Android

For setting up Hotstar on your android device, it is as simple as these following steps:

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By now you must have a clear understanding of how to watch Hotstar outside India. Subscribe to FastestVPN or any other VPN of your choice and you are all geared up to experience over 100,000 hours of quality TV content and a variety of exciting movies across 9 languages on Hotstar outside India!

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