How to Watch French Open on FireStick

watch french open on firestick

When French Open begins on May 26, it will kick off a year-long tennis festival known as Grand Slam. It is one of the four championships under Grand Slam with the other being Australia Open, Wimbledon Open, and US Open. You can watch all of them including French Open on FireStick easily.

French Open also goes by the name of Roland-Garros. It’s held annually at the venue which shares the same name. Located in Paris, the Stade Roland-Garros takes its name after the World War 1 hero who was known as Roland Garros. The event plays hosts to some of the best names in Tennis. Players like Roger Federer, Nadal Djokovic, and Serena Williams have been confirmed.

Date and Time – French Open 2019

French Open itself is a series of matches that will be played between 26 May and June 9, 2019. Here’s what you need to know about the event:

  • Date: May 26, 2019
  • Venue: Stade Roland-Garros, Paris, France
  • Time: 10 AM

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How to Watch French Open on FireStick 2019 from Anywhere

French Open will get coverage on TV channels around the globe. Each match will be delivered live and you can expect to see the action via the internet using live streaming alternatives offered by the TV channels.

ITV is one such broadcaster which allows you to enjoy live streaming over the internet. It’s quite convenient in comparison to cable TV as you can watch on the device of your choice. It’s simply a matter of signing up to use the service.

ITV recently announced that it has acquired the rights to free stream Roland Garros (French Open) until the year 2021. The deal is effective in starting the upcoming French Open 2019. ITV states that it will showcase a minimum of 90 hours from each tournament.

But there is one catch. Although ITV is free, it’s restricted to the United Kingdom. That means unless you reside in the United Kingdom, the service will remain inaccessible to you. There’s a way to get around that problem, and that’s through VPN.

One of the perks of using a VPN is the ability to use a private IP address. You could be sitting anywhere in the world and browse the web anonymously by borrowing an IP address from a server available in a different region. It is known as location spoofing and provides a convenient way to change your virtual location.

We recommend FastestVPN for their high-speed servers and because you can get it for cheap. There’s a fantastic sale FastestVPN is running at the time of writing this article.

With all that said, follow this step-by-step procedure to watch French Open on FireStick.

Full Schedule – French Open 2019

Sun26-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round
Mon27-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round
Tues28-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round
Wed29-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Second Round
Thurs30-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Second Round
Fri31-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Third Round
Sat01-Jun11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Third Round
Sun02-Jun11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Fourth Round
Mon03-Jun11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Fourth Round
Tues04-Jun2:00 PMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Quarter Finals
Wed05-Jun2:00 PMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Quarter Finals
Thurs06-Jun2:00 PMLadies’ Singles Semi Finals
Fri07-Jun11:00 AMGentlemen’s Singles Semi Finals
Sat08-Jun3:00 PMLadies’ Singles Final
Sun09-Jun3:00 PMGentlemen’s Singles Final

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Conclusion – French Open on FireStick

There are loads of matches between the last week of May and the second week of June. French Open has some noteworthy players lined up to deliver spectacular performances. For the ITV solution, we have presented for watching the French Open on FireStick, ensure that VPN connected before you start watching. Geo-restricted is real and the live stream simply will not work without it.

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