How to Install Fusion Repository on Kodi 17.6 Krypton

install Fusion on Kodi

Fusion is quite a popular source for all Kodi lovers as it has so many addons for all needs and purposes. Fusion repository disappeared recently, and for frequent users of this repository, Kodi just wasn’t the same. The good news with felicitations for those dependent on the repository as TVAddons (a third party addon) is back! Consequently, it means that Fusion is back too! Is that not great?

To learn how to install Fusion on Kodi, there is a whole step by step procedure given below. Kodi is a media player that is open-source and unleashes its true potential when it has the best addons installed on it. There are plenty of these addons to fulfill all purposes and entertainment needs.

Fusion was taken down for a few months recently, but it’s back and definitely better! Learn how to install Fusion on Kodi and get the ultimate Kodi experience!

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Step-By-Step Guide for Installing Fusion on Kodi

As mentioned before, Fusion is a source from where tons of repositories and addons can be installed. Let’s get to the first bit first which is how to install Fusion on Kodi and then we can move on to how the addons can be installed.

Firstly, you need to enable installation of third-party addon by turning “Unknown Sources” ON from the toggle option.

To do that, here is what you need to follow:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to settings (the gear icon) at the top left of the screen
  3. Select System settings
  4. From there, go to Addons tab from the left-side menu
  5. Now Click on toggle next to Unknown sources
  6. A popup notification will appear asking you to confirm that you want to allow installation of addons from unofficial sources
  7. Click Yes
  8. Now the “Unknown source” option is enabled so you can go back to the main Kodi screen and continue with the installation of any third party addon you want.

Now, we come to how to install Fusion on Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi Main Screen
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select File manager
  4. Click on Add source (vertical menu on the left)
  5. Click on <None>
  6. Now type in this URL exactly as “
  7. Hit the OK button
  8. Click on blank field under the “Enter a name for this media source” title
  9. Enter “Fusion”
  10. Hit OK
  11. Click on OK at the bottom of the window
  12. Now that the fusion source is added to your repository source list, go back to Kodi home screen and install the addons and tools that you desire from the new Fusion source.

That is all you need to add the most wanted Fusion source on Kodi. After this you can enjoy Kodi’s full potential and download any repository or addon to stream your favorite content. Make the most of Kodi player with the best compatible addons. Widen your directory with different repositories from Fusion source.

Note: Some Kodi addons are geo-restricted, depending on the location. However, in majority cases, whether they are geo-restricted or not, it is probably offering copyright content for free which is an offense in the online world.

Accessing such content may get you in trouble which is why you must be connected to a Kodi VPN so you not only get instant access but also get complete anonymity and incredible streaming speed to stream your favorite content on Kodi.

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Fusion Kodi Alternatives

Fusion source is back and all users are very content. Though what has happened once, can happen again. If it has been taken down once, there is no guarantee that this will not happen again. So just in case, for backup purposes, we have researched and listed down alternatives for Fusion Kodi source.

The alternatives are as follows:

  1. Adryan List Repository

This repository has AceStream addon amongst many others which are no ordinary addon. This is because AceStream works on BitTorrent protocol and has its own media player giving top-notch streaming experience. The addons are available on Adryan List Repository up till now and we are yet to see if it will be back Fusion.

  1. Dandy Media

For cartoon media of different genres, users accessed Fusion repository. Though as it went down for some time, these Super Cartoons Kodi addons were available through Dandy Media.

  1. Kodil Repo

Zem TV, Castaway and similar addons can be found through Kodil Repo too if Fusion is inaccessible.

  1. Simply Caz Repository

This is not as popular a repository like any other but it still serves as an attractive source for many useful Kodi addons such as Pro Sport and other famous ones.

How to Install Indigo Addon from Fusion Repo on Kodi

Let’s get to the popular most addon available through the Fusion installer – Indigo. It is a highly downloaded addon by most people who have Fusion. Install Indigo from Kodi and bring versatility in utilities and tools along with adding many other functions to Kodi.

Indigo lets you install a wide range of categories such as TVAddons, movie addons and more. With just a single button, install any addon from Indigo’s library or install it via zip file by providing the URL to a file.

Here is how you can install Indigo addon:

  1. From your Kodi main screen, go to Addons
  2. Click on Package Installer (top left corner of the screen)
  3. Select Install from zip file
  4. From the list, choose fusion source
  5. Click begin-here
  6. Select
  7. Wait until you see the Add-on enabled notification pop at the top right corner of your screen

After you get the add-on enabled notification, do the following:

  1. Go back to home screen
  2. Select addons
  3. Choose program addons (left menu of addon categories)
  4. A list of addons that you have installed will show here, including Indigo
  5. Select Indigo to launch it and enjoy it to your heart’s content!

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How to Install Repositories using Fusion on Kodi

Indigo isn’t the only add-on that Fusion is popular for. It has a wide range of collection of different repositories of all kinds. The steps laid out below will show you how to access Fusion’s library of repositories and guide on how to install your desired one.

  1. From Kodi home screen, open addons
  2. Click on Package Installer from top left
  3. Now click, install from zip file
  4. Then, click the Fusion source that was earlier added (guide has given above)
  5. You will be presented with 3 options:
    • begin-here
    • kodi-repos
    • kodi-scripts
  6. Click on Kodi-repos; it is where all Fusion repositories reside
  7. This is further subdivided into 3 more categories:
    • English
    • International
    • Xxx-adult
  8. Explore relevant repository in each category; English will have all repos in the English language whereas International will have repos in other International languages.
  9. Click on the zip file you wish to install and it will be installed on Kodi for you via Fusion.

Note: Get a great selection of repositories and addons on Kodi via Fusion addon but while you are at it, don’t forget to be connected to a VPN as without it you may get in trouble of paying hefty fines or even worse, end up behind bars. Avoid any such problems and circumvent geo-restrictions with a VPN for privacy, security and complete anonymity!

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Conclusion – How to Install Fusion on Kodi

For those in despair after the disappearance of Fusion, worry no more! With this guide, you can not only learn how to install Fusion on Kodi but also have a list of few alternatives that will be just as good. However, Fusion is back right now and it is definitely better which makes the fond users hope that it is here to stay.

Reading up on how to install Fusion on Kodi and then actually getting around to doing it, is a smart choice as you can get most of the addons through repositories hosted by Fusion. Fusion on Kodi is definitely for those who install Kodi addons regularly.

Note: Throughout the process though, make sure you are connected to a Kodi VPN so your device is not vulnerable to attacks via the open-source platform and you have complete anonymity at all times!

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