The official Guide for the Best VPN for Windows in 2019

Best VPN for Windows

Windows devices are some of the world’s most widely known and most accessible devices. Today there is not a single household that does not possess a windows device. So that begs many to ask the question: What is the best VPN for Windows?

Nowadays, with growing security threats on the internet, VPNs have come in the limelight as the latest and best tech to protect your web IP address. From hackers and third-party websites, whom all try to gain information about you for their own gain? The way a VPN works is by masking your unsecured, public network, with a more private, but secure private network.

This makes a VPN completely different from a proxy site, which only acts as an intermediary for your network and the site you wish to visit. So while a proxy site and a VPN can both unblock geo-restricted sites, a proxy site cannot secure your data and privacy like a VPN can.

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What is the best VPN for Windows?

In the market, there are many VPN providers to choose from, which is why we only listed the best VPN for Windows? These VPNs are equipped with the perfect features, to make your Windows experience even better. However, there are other VPN providers out there, which try to cut corners or try to oversell their product. You should avoid these VPNs, at all costs and only use the trusted VPN providers like the ones in our list;


Our number one choice for the best VPN for Windows. FastestVPN was formed in 2017 with numerous features and widely accepted by millions across the globe. As the best VPN for Windows, FastestVPN has an easy to use user interface, with a number of different security protocols, and features such as; NAT Firewall protection, military-grade (256-AES-BIT Encryption), DNS Leak protection, an internet Kill Switch and much more.

FastestVPN much like other VPN providers in the modern era, FastestVPN was also founded in the Cayman Islands, which may seem odd to some. However, this isolated location only means FastestVPN has no requirement by law, to log any data about their users, unless absolutely necessary.

Although FastestVPN was founded only 2 years ago, their outstanding service has also been taken notice by Forbes online website, as the best budget VPN for 2019. Many critics have that FastestVPN is a great investment for those looking for a long-term solution for their web security.

FastestVPN Pricing:

  • 5 year plan: $49.94 ($0.83/ month)
  • 1 year plan: $29.95 ($2.49/ month)
  • 1 month plan: $10

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is another one of the best VPN for Windows for its incredibly easy to use user-interface, and multiple servers across the globe. This ensures that you can connect to Nord VPN with as little latency delay as possible. Moreover, as the best VPN for Windows, you can also download their Chrome or Firefox extension for easier access. NordVPN is known across the globe for its vast server count as well.

As a veteran in the industry, Nord VPN is available in over 69 countries across the globe and is optimized to bring you the best user experience, from the get-go. Their services also come with a free 30-day money-back policy for all their packages, meaning even if you don’t like their service, you can always choose another.

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CyberGhost was primarily focused on providing speed and reliability when it was first founded.  As the best VPN for Windows, CyberGhost is also hugely focused on providing a more accessible service, for its users. Whether you wish to stream your favorite media content without the trouble of geo-restrictions, or annoying advertisements, then CyberGhost is the best VPN for Windows to use!

As the best VPN for Windows, you can also use CyberGhost’s free Google Chrome and Firefox extension, for easier access. However, compared to the other best VPN for Windows providers in our list, CyberGhost has received numerous bad reviews due to its small server count, and lack of adequate customer support services.


Another one of the best VPN for Windows IPVanish can simultaneously support up to 10 devices with just a single login ID. IPVanish is regarded by many as the best VPN for windows, with servers located in 60+ countries and with a strict ‘no data log policy.’ What more can you possibly ask for from IP Vanish?

IPVanish, in reality, has numerous pros and cons; however, as the best VPN for Windows, you can expect hackers and other third-party sites remain oblivious while you browse the web using IP Vanish.


Another VPN that has been consistently nicknamed as the best VPN for Windows is ExpressVPN. With features such as optimized peer-to-peer servers, DNS leak protection, and no data log policy.

ExpressVPN is by far the best VPN for Windows if you’re looking for a more security-focused VPN provider. However, ExpressVPN primarily owes its success as the best VPN for Windows due to its extremely cheap packages and easy to use user interface.

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Before you choose the best VPN for Windows, you should note there are numerous bad/fake VPN providers on the internet these days, and the best way to stay clear from them is to follow our blog on the best VPN for Windows. These fake VPNs can do more harm than good, and any VPN provider that offers a free service should be avoided entirely.

The best VPN for Windows should incorporate military-grade encryption and have a zero-logging policy. Also, much like FastestVPN, it should provide a multi-layered customer support service for maximum client satisfaction.

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