10 Best Music Torrents of the Modern Age

Best Music Torrents

Nowadays many people would prefer downloading all their music from their favorite torrenting website, thus we provided this list on the best music torrents for 2019, as a safe and easy method for downloading the music of your choice. However, downloading torrents does not come without its own set of problems. FastestVPN has been awarded as the best VPN for torrenting, due to its unique P2P optimized servers you are guaranteed ultra-fast torrenting speeds 99.9% uptime speeds.

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How to download the best music torrents securely?

Downloading the best music torrents is no doubt just as dangerous as streaming, and for that reason, you should subscribe to FastestVPN to protect your fundamental online privacy and security. Every activity you do online leaves an impression of the content you download as well as of websites from, which you download them from. So anonymizing yourself is key if you don’t wish for this activity to be recorded indefinitely.

Downloading FastestVPN is as easy as 4 simple steps, and their services are readily available across the globe and on any device of your choice. For your knowledge, we included a step by step guide, on how to download their services along with other information.

  • Step 1: Subscribe to FastestVPN, and choose the payment plan of your choice. (Longer plans like the 3year and 5year plans save you a lot of money.)
  • Step 2: Download and install FastestVPN on the device of your choice. Check out their website to see all the devices their services are optimized for.
  • Step 3: Choose the server location of your choice. FastestVPN in particular hosts servers in 29+ countries and 130+ locations across the globe.
  • Step 4: Your all set simply click the button and your safe. FastestVPN promises an ultra-low latency delay.

Prices plans:

1 Month Plan:

  • $10/Month
  • Billed $10 Monthly

3 Year Plan:

  • Save $360 and avail
  • $1.11/Month
  • Billed $39.95 Triennially

1 Year Plan:

  • Save $120 and avail
  • $2.49/month
  • Billed $29.95 Annually

5 Year Plan:

  • Save 92% and avail
  • $0.83/Month
  • Billed every 60 months

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10 Best Music Torrent Websites


Rutracker.Org is truly this one of a kind, music torrenting site, built on the simple goal of providing you the ultimate solution to all your musical needs. Hosting a wide variety of songs from the classics like “hard rock” to more modern-day music like “EDM” to everything in between Rutracker.org is the perfect torrent site for you. However, don’t forget to also subscribe to FastestVPN for added security.

MixTape Torrent

If you’re into DJ tracks and remixes, then Mix Tape torrent is the place to be. This uniquely built torrenting site has grown to include over a million users globally today.


Music-Torrent is by far the best music torrent site for all your music-related torrents, owing to their success to their straight forward and visually beautiful website design and fast download speeds. With features like an integrated navigation panel, you are sure never to go wrong with Music-Torrent. However, don’t forget to also subscribe to FastestVPN for added benefits like ad-blocking capability and malware protection.

Pirate Bay

Everyone has heard of Pirate Bay as one of the few torrent websites across the globe that offers quality torrents, including your favorite music, which is free from any viruses or bugs. Their services are available to millions of fans across the globe for absolutely no cost at all. Nevertheless, due to geo-restrictions Pirate Bay maybe not available in your area, which is why FastestVPN is necessary.


Soundpark is another one of a kind, music torrenting website, who built their empire on the dream of granting you the ultimate library of music torrents there is anywhere. Their services are incredibly user-friendly and include genres like;

  • Blues
  • The classics
  • Heavy metal
  • Pop,
  • House
  • EDM
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Folk music
  • Hip, hop
  • Country
  • Musical theatre
  • Punk rock
  • Soul music
  • Reggae

Just enter the name of your desired track, and your all set.


RARBG was another torrent provider founded back in 2008, which has a reputation for its high-quality, best music torrents and fast speed! Their user-friendly website has also been raved about by millions of customers worldwide. However, don’t take our word for it head over there to see for yourself. To ensure you don’t run into restrictions, or harmful malware ads, subscribe to FastestVPN as well.

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Note: FastestVPN is the latest VPN is a world of growing cyber security problems. In an effort to combat this growing threat their services also include military grade 256 AES Bit encryption, Wi-Fi security, and multiple security protocols, which retain your online anonymity and remove the possibility of any hackers or third-parties from stealing your data.


1337x is honestly one of the many torrenting sites, which takes pride in being able to find a torrent for just about anything. Their website alone brings in over a million users worldwide, who constantly admire the easy access toolbar they have. Nevertheless, regardless of where you are in the world, be sure to also subscribe to FastestVPN for added security.


Torrentz2 is the latest iteration of the best music torrenting website. They host a vast library of music torrents with no cost. Moreover, their extremely friendly customer support center makes this the torrenting music destination of 2019 for sure!

101 Torrent

Whether you’re looking to torrent your favorite music or other media content, then let 101 Torrents be your guide. However, to ensure you stay on the safe side, it’s better to also subscribe to FastestVPN for added benefits and security online.


TorLock is comparably the best pick for our list on the 10 best music torrent websites for 2019. Their services bring a vast range of all your favorite torrents for no additional costs at all and readily available for download by a click of the button.

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Now that you made it through our blog on the best music torrents, you must have a clear idea on what torrenting site you wish to choose, and which one is best for you. Regardless of what music torrenting website you choose, you should also subscribe to FastestVPN for added benefits like; unblocking geo-restricted sites, 99.9% uptime, P2P optimized servers, and blazing fast torrents speeds, to name a few. Nevertheless, you can also check their user-friendly website for more features and details about their security protocols and more about their 256 AES Bit encryption.

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