The Official free list of Kissanime Alternatives of 2019

Kissanime Alternatives

Kissanime is a top-notch streaming website, which was home to thousands of the biggest and best anime’s. Everything from Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, or Death Note was available on their website, which is probably why they were such a success. Moreover, their websites were one of the few streaming sites that did not bombard you with ads whenever you were watching.

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Is Kissanime Illegal?

Kissanime is by no means illegal; however, due to numerous glitches in their renowned Kissanime mobile app, the website and all its content was eventually takedown. Moreover, ever since Kissanime has been taken down, numerous websites have risen to fill the void it left behind. Whether it be everyone’s favorite sword art online, one punch man or Boko no hero Kissanime had it all.

Anime lovers would also be pleased to know that many of these, Kissanime alternatives, are as close to the original Kissanime website as possible.

Kissanime is it safe?

Kissanime is a 100% safe website to use, and with thousands of animes, movies, and manga’s in the Kissanime arsenal, you have nothing to worry about. However, now that their website is down, perhaps consider using these Kissanime alternatives, when looking for your favorite animes, movies, mangas.


Kissanime not working?  Why not try Chia-Anime for the ability to watch all your favorite anime in high definition, or with subtitles.

Chia-Anime is by far the best Kissanime alternative due to the fact that anime lovers can enjoy a vast library of anime movies, shows, and opening songs as well. However, users of Chia-Anime often note that Chia-Anime is riddled with advertisements, which are a bother to many. However, this issue should easily be resolved by also subscribing to a VPN provider; our personal recommendation is FastestVPN.

Anime Stream

Anime Stream is another one of our top Kissanime alternatives with all the latest manga’s, anime seasons and movies. The one thing that sets Anime Stream apart is the easy access to all their content, so if you wish to watch the latest “One Punch Man” episode, just type it in their content search bar and your all set. Watch the content of your choice in HD with subtitles, or dubbed.

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Anime Land

Anime Land made our list on the best Kissanime alternatives due to its vast range of dubbed or subtitled anime movies, and shows. To access their vast library, the creators at Anime Land have categorized their content in alphabetical order.

Like Kissanime, no lengthy sign-up process is needed at Anime Land, just head over to their easy to use the website and watch all the latest anime of your choice. Their name literally says it all.


Kuroani compared to the other Kissanime alternatives in our list may perhaps be a lesser-known anime streaming website, but it’s by no means a bad one. Their website has a very straightforward appearance and appeals to many old-school anime lovers.

Their Anime library has more of the older classics, like qin-shi-ming-yue-tian-xing-jiu-ge and also many of the new classics like Boruto and much more. Ever since Kissanime went down, Kuroani has been gaining some popularity recently.

GoGo Anime

GoGoAnime is by far the best alternative in our list, with a dedicated user-friendly website, where visitors can watch and download anime, for no hidden costs or sill sign-up sheets. What’s more is that users of this specific Kissanime alternative, can watch their favorite anime, with subtitles or dubbed as they see fit. The website of this Kissanime alternative, in particular, offers a wide variety, of anime shows, with thousands of different genres and manga’s, to say the least.


FUNimation has always been the go-to alternative site ever since Kissanime was taken down, and for a good reason. Much like Kissanime, FUNimation also hosts a vast range of fun and exciting anime’s, in any genre of your choice, from Boruto to Dragon Ball Z, just search the anime of your choice and FUNimation shall have it. Users in some countries may have an issue accessing this website; however, due to geo-restrictions, which is why we recommend you also subscribe to FastestVPN to eliminate this issue.

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Anime Park

Anime Park is a website built with one goal in mind, and that was to provide you with the best anime shows, and movies where-ever, and whenever you need it. Their website has an extremely easy design; you can search by what’s trendy this summer, ongoing anime shows, or by any other genre of your choice. With thousands of great anime option, you certainly cannot go wrong with this Kissanime alternative.


When you first arrive at Masterani you are greeted with a simplistic search bar, all you have to do is type the genre or keyword of your choice, and you’re all set. Masterani, is probably the only Kissanime alternative that can match the vast library you had when Kissanime was still active. With that in mind you can also watch, all your favorite anime movies, in English dubbed or with subtitles.


Manga-Anime-Here is a slightly different alternative for Kissanime compared, to the other alternatives in this list? With thousands of the best manga’s and anime shows, available for no additional costs, you can search by genre or watch the latest seasons as they get released. Manga-Anime-Here also has a dedicated section for those who wish to watch popular manga-turned-animes’.


Being a source of entertainment, for millions globally, Hulu is the leading entertainment provider, whether you wish to watch anime’s, watch movies, or TV shows. However, to watch Hulu, you first need to subscribe and sign-up to their services. It is recommended you also subscribe to a VPN provider, as their website, maybe geo-restricted depending on the country you are in.

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Before you head off to watch one of these many Kissanime alternatives, it is recommended you stay protected while streaming online. Many of the Kissanime alternatives are riddled with advertisements, or viruses, which ruins your viewing experience, which is why it is absolutely essential to also subscribe to a VPN provider, we recommend FastestVPN due to its advanced features and dedicated customer-friendly features.

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