Best VPN Deal – FastestVPN Spring Sale VPN Deals for 2019

Spring is right around the corner. While the season doesn’t mark the same shopping festivity as the Holiday season, that doesn’t stop you from saving big. It has become a ritual of sorts that the top VPN providers in the market assemble to offer discounts on their service, and the spring season is no exception.

With VPN services lining up to grab your attention, it becomes difficult to make a choice. Because we have tried out the best of the bunch, we can make that decision for you. We’re confident to have FastestVPN spring sale as our pick for the best VPN deal. Read on as we explain why FastestVPN spring sale earned our recommendation.

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FastestVPN Spring Sale 2019 – Get 5 Years of VPN at 95% Discount

With FastestVPN as our choice for the best Spring VPN deal, here is the complete list of packages discounted for FastestVPN spring sale right now:

Right off the bat, we can see that the highlight of this FastestVPN spring sale is the lifetime plan. For $80, you get VPN protection for an unlimited period of time. All of the aforementioned packages come with Unlimited Bandwidth feature. So, you’re not going to run out of time as well as bandwidth.

The second highlight of the FastestVPN spring sale is the 5 Year Plan. When we do the math, the plan will set you back $0.83 per month and $9.96 a year. It’s an absolute steal considering the fact that $10 is what you normally pay for a month.

Then finally we have the 1-year plan which comes at about $2.49 per month. Looking at all the discounts, it pretty much explains why we’ve chosen to review FastestVPN spring sale as our pick.

FastestVPN Overview

FastestVPN spring sale and the value it offers is half of the picture, the other half is the number of features FastestVPN has to offer.

The service offers a global VPN network of 150+ servers available in 23 countries worldwide. Sporting P2P-optimization, these high-speed servers let you download torrents at full speed that means no bandwidth throttling. The number of servers is definitely lower than competing VPN services but FastestVPN has the major countries locked down, so rest assured that you’re not missing out on important regions like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.

As you’d expect from a major VPN service, FastestVPN relies on AES 256-bit encryption technology to secure your internet connection. Encryption is basically manipulating data so that only the sender and receiver can decipher it. The stronger the encryption technology, the more secure your data will be. AES 256-bit is military-grade encryption which is impossible to crack because of the sheer computing power required to crack it.

You also get Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware Protection, and NAT Firewall protection. The three features combine to give you a seamless browsing experience and protect your device from the traffic that may harm your device.

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip on a VPN – FastestVPN Spring Sale

VPN shouldn’t be a luxury anymore. This is considering the ever-going threats lurking on the internet and how much personal data we tend to share online.

Everything is going digital and so are the personal details. VPNs work by tunneling your data securely through its own server protected by strong encryption technology. It prevents third-party intrusion.

Such security is much more important when using public Wi-Fi hotspots as these networks are usually very insecure. It’s possible that anyone on the user could hack into internet traffic. Imagine sharing your personal details like bank account details with encryption.

VPNs also let you stay anonymous on the internet. Use a private IP address and surf the web with no restrictions. Connecting to other regions via private IP address spoofs your location, enabling access to geo-restricted content. Because of this, VPNs have become popular for streaming on digital services like torrenting & Netflix.

And with such discounts like the FastestVPN spring sale running every now and then, there’s little excuse for why you shouldn’t use a VPN in this age.

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