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Best VPN for Public Wifi Network

Virtual Private Networks are a security tool built due to the ever-growing need for cyber-security.

VPNs may sound like a waste of money to many. However, we are here to show you that it is not. Imagine trying to use the web un-protected, any sensitive data or transactions are bound to be viewed by outside eyes including your basic data about you like medical records, browser history, and cookies you agreed shall ultimately be sold to other third party sites for their personal gain.

You cannot and should not put your fundamental privacy rights at risk, regardless of where you are in the world. For the purposes of this blog, we included a bunch of VPN providers which offer you the best service on any device of your choice such as Xbox, router, and firestick etc.

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5 Best VPN for Public Wi-Fi’s

Here is a short rundown on all the VPN providers in our list which should protect you on public Wi-Fi’s, if you wish to read a more detailed version scroll down.

FastestVPN: FastestVPN truly takes the cake when it comes to your online privacy. In fact, don’t only take our word for it; millions of users worldwide have highly recommended, their services. FastestVPN, in fact, ticks all the boxes when you consider features-to-price ratio it offers. When using FastestVPN along with your public Wi-Fi network, you’re able to safely stream or download all your favorite content without any third-party influence.

ExpressVPN: Strong security and excellent speed are some of the few features of ExpressVPN. Moreover, with servers in over 94 countries and an easy to use customer care service, you are bound to never to go wrong when subscribed to their services. Furthermore, as the second-best VPN in this list ExpressVPN is bound to rival even some of the more well-known VPN providers when it comes to ultra-fast speeds, excellent security features, and all at an impressive price point.

NordVPN: NordVPN was founded many moons ago and has now grown to include over 5,000 servers worldwide. Whether you’re using a private or a public Wi-Fi, you’re bound to never be led astray when using NordVPN. Their services also include features like; 24/7 live chat support, secure military-grade encryption, no-log policy, and an impressive Wi-Fi security feature.

CyberGhost: Speed and reliability are core principles at CyberGhost, which hosts servers across the globe for streaming and video calling, and regardless of what device you use. With up to 7 devices supported simultaneously, CyberGhost protects your online privacy with multiple security protocols and encryption technology. CyberGhost, in fact, is rightly nicknamed the most consistent VPN provider due to its excellent value and fast speeds for a low cost.

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IPVanish: With the ability to secure up to 10 devices simultaneously. IPVanish servers are located in 60+ countries for unblocking geo-restricted content on any public network of your choice, with zero traffic logs and secure 256 AES-Bit encryption. IPVanish fulfills all the essential elements to protect your IP address online from hackers and third parties, to provide you quality service.

What can the 5 Best VPN for Public Wi-Networks really do?



FastestVPN is undoubtedly the fastest-growing VPN provider in the world today. Indeed, FastestVPN has a long way to go before their company gets more widely accepted, but if they continue providing the latest in features like (military grade) 256 AES-BIT encryption, P2P optimized servers, ad-blocking capability, anti-malware protection, dedicated VPN apps, 20+ device connection, 10 simultaneous connection, DNS leak protection, and 15-day money-back guarantee.

You’re assured to get the unrestricted and un-influenced service we talked about. Their features also come standard in every one of their packages, so you have nothing to fear. Just subscribe, and you’re all set to stream or download any content of your choice on any public network that fancies you.


Being founded on the principles of security, it’s no surprise their services have the latest in security tech. Moreover, when you find out they were only founded 2 years ago, it certainly surprises you to know that the service gives you NAT Firewall protection, 256-Bit AES encryption, Wi-Fi security, an internet kill switch, and L2TP, SSTP, TCP/UDP security protocols.


Like any other VPN provider, FastestVPN unblocks geo-restricted content with relative ease regardless of the network you use. Moreover, if you’re planning to use their services on your mobile or tablet, you can also download their user-friendly app available on their website for more information.

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ExpressVPN is a VPN provider founded in the British Virgin Islands and the second-best VPN provider for our blog on the best VPN for public Wi-Fi. ExpressVPN primarily works by encrypting user’s web traffic and IP address, thus providing you with a layer of security, like AES 256-bit encryption and NAT Firewall protection to allow you to browse more anonymously and free from any hackers or third party sites.

ExpressVPN is the beloved favorite of millions of customers worldwide and is described as the privacy and security tool for encrypting your IP address anywhere in the world. Also, their services are readily available for iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, macOS, AppleTV, Kodi, Linux, and Xbox.


NordVPN at first glance certainly does not look like much when it comes to the latest security features and technology. However, looking past those flaws, you shall also be pleased to know that their services are perfectly capable of streaming geo-blocked content from ay network of your choice and from any country you please. NordVPN moreover, is also immensely popular amongst privacy-focused customers, who claim their service is perfect for watching content free from any third party sites.


CyberGhost is one of the lesser-known VPN providers in our list today due to its laggy servers, and lack of adequate features. However, it should certainly protect you on public networks and from any hackers or malware attempts. CyberGhost fans shall also be pleased to know that from a price perspective, they are extremely attractive.


IPVanish is the last VPN provider in our list on the best VPN for Public Wi-Fi’s, but that does not mean it’s the least impressive, in fact, with an arsenal of over 1000 servers in 60 different countries and locations their services rival only FastestVPN when it comes to speed. However, if you’re looking for top-notch security features, then you’re out of luck in that department. IPVanish does host the second-highest number of devices supported simultaneously.

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Now that you made it through our list on the best VPN for Public Wi-Fi’s, you must have a clear pick on your favorite VPN. Nevertheless, our personal recommendation is FastestVPN due to its vast price to feature ratio and great security protocols, which should protect your identity from hackers, who may try to steal it for their own gain.

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