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China is on the verge of possibly the most incredible expansion that it has ever witnessed in the entire world. Economically, politically, and socially. However, this expansion has come at a cost too. Due to new internet censorship policy, the premier has blocked websites and apps to regulate the internet domestically, adding a significant firewall and shutting out the Chinese people from watching or even conversing as they desire. This wall has given rise to numerous Virtual Private Networks (VPN). However, with so many VPN’s out there to choose from, how will you ever find the right one? Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry even one bit, as we are there to provide a simple solution to this, which is the best VPN for China!

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Why you need a good VPN for China?

It is challenging to choose a good VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a simple piece of technology that aims to improve your online security and privacy, and input if your government banned a specific site or a bunch of them, then the best VPN for China has undoubtedly got your back.

FastestVPN quite literally, is the only thing that stands in between you and your complete and utter unrestricted internet access. All the more a VPN’s power is to protect your fundamental rights and hopefully leave you satisfied without a care in the world! VPN’s are your one stop shop to making everything fun, built for people who suffer from Geo-restrictions like in China. The groundbreaking technology has genuinely transformed many lives globally, but what about in China! FastestVPN is recommended by many analysts, as one of the world’s; leading, safe, reliable, and quality tested product. As being the best VPN for China, it has served humanity in over 28+ countries and can do the same for many more!

What to look for in a VPN service plan for China?

The best VPN for China is meant to entice you and all the more provide you with unlimited, unrestricted internet access you deserve wherever you are!  Safety and absolute security should be critical factors for any VPN, and of course, we shouldn’t forget speed and reliability. All these factors combined form the building blocks that are a good VPN. Luckily FastestVPN has all of that and more, FastestVPN hosts a variety of different features from malware protection, which tick marks and assures their valuable customers from a security standpoint that they got nothing to fear. Moreover, their 256-Bit AES encryption protocols and famous internet kill switch are sure to ensure, you get the best quality service, from anywhere in the world!

Make sure you look for these features when choosing the best VPN for China:


Maximum performance is the first worry anyone has when thinking of the best VPN for China, especially for the Chinese! Knowing that your privacy and efficiency shouldn’t be compromised is at the core of whatever FastestVPN wishes to offer the Chinese people!

FastestVPN founded itself on the three principles of speed, security, and reliability. Moreover, aiming to never even interfere with any work, transaction, or conversation.

Nevertheless, built with a simple goal in mind to make your internet experience all the more straightforward. With trusted views from famous review sites like Trust Pilot and an overall 9.5 customer trust rating! FastestVPN ensures you go without single stress in the world!

Worldwide Coverage

FastestVPN is one of the few companies in the world, which extends its services to over nearly 28+ countries worldwide and not to mention, to over 35+ different locations and they owe their unchallenged success to their millions of customers worldwide. Due to its server locations across the globe, the latency of your device when using FastestVPN incredibly reduced. That, in turn, improves performance three-fold!


It is one of the critical pillars of whatever FastestVPN has to offer you. Full protection and the presence of the best VPN for China to utilize is the ever so famous AES 256-bit encryption, which is military grade and thus trusted by security experts and officials across the world. The presence of AES 256-bit encryption is a good sign of a FastestVPN’s efficiency and absolute knack quality assurance.

However, FastestVPN it doesn’t just stop there they continue to always aim at going above, and beyond your expectations, and thus as an added measure of security they are proud to showcase their renowned internet kill switch technology. The kill switch works in such a way that if ever the case may arise, where the secure connection breaks or develops some problem in between a critical transaction or conversation, the kill switch immediately kick in to shut the internet connection down!


Some already existing VPN’s for China offer you services, which offer limited bandwidth, which immediately runs out whenever you need it the most! FastestVPN comes standard with 99.9% Uptime speed and is above all else is ultimately optimized for peer to peer file sharing it is as simple as choosing a server location, anywhere in the world of your choice and you are thus assured of the highest speeds, anywhere in the world! No more worries of slow speeds, when watching the latest season of Game of Thrones or downloading your favorite movie from the best torrent site which would otherwise be restricted.

Simultaneous Device Support

With the ability to add FastestVPN to 10+ device simultaneously and when you decide the best VPN for China, be sure to keep this in mind the absolute ease at which you can setup FastestVPN. Compatible with numerous devices, whether it is your Mac, Android, Windows, or any iOS device, it’s as simple as that.

With your happiness in mind, FastestVPN always aims to add value to your whole ordeal, especially for its customers in China!

Dedicated Apps for Mobile

In the modern era, mobile devices and tablets have taken the world by storm, and the best VPN for China must have dynamic and exciting new apps, and once again, FastestVPN doesn’t disappoint. They are thereby delivering the Chinese people the ability apps run seamlessly for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Router, Linux, Kodi, Play store, Fire Stick / Android Box, Chrome Extensions and Firefox Extensions! Whichever device you choose to use whether, it be your tablets, Router, PS4, Roku it doesn’t matter all traffic is 100% encrypted and as for the best VPN China this should come as a great relief.

Customer Service

Undoubtedly the most you could pick up from the best VPN for China is that the best VPN must be consistent with the quality of service they provide, FastestVPN has proven time and time again that they undoubtedly assure you of their customer service, while at the same time relieving you from any stress of doing things yourself. Don’t forget you can even call their 24/7 customer support center who is above all else ready to answer all your queries or problems, you may or may not have! Then again, don’t even take their word for it! Trust in their 9.5 customer trust score or even their 9.0 customer care score. Whatever the case Fastest VPN, ensures its Chinese customers of only being the best VPN there is anywhere!

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Future of VPN in China

 As things look as they are now the future of companies we all love like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or your favorite torrent and streaming website, looks to be almost diminished possibly locking millions from the services they desire. However, as we discussed, it’s never too late just let FastestVPN be your knight and shining armor in this endeavor. When choosing the best VPN for China, look at the options, you have at your disposal and compare it to FastestVPN.

FastestVPN ensures the Chinese people that their every need is fulfilled. Nevertheless, if you don’t believe them, ask their millions of loyal customers worldwide, who stand testament to this. Don’t let your area define you, you control your life, and at FastestVPN they hope to give you that power!

You can even go without a worry knowing that none of their practices are illegal and aim to dwell only in the scope of the law. With this in mind, the Chinese future is already looking up.

Can your VPN Be Blocked in China?

The simple answer is likely yes as nothing is perfect in life, and restrictions from governments are sometimes out of the control of many VPN services. That shouldn’t scare you though, although FastestVPN is vulnerable in this aspect, their name and standing in the international community ensures its customers that any possible restrictions on them can be met by fire and fury by all of their loyal members across the globe. It is their absolute respect and hard work which has genuinely withstood any obstacle!


Any standard VPN would cost you well over the market price. However, fortunately for the Chinese people, FastestVPN considers everyone family. Thus they would never charge any more than they shouldn’t thus all of their services come equipped with FastestVPN promo codes and FastestVPN discount codes to allow you to save as much as possible, all the more while you allow yourself to go stress-free when you receive the bill for the month. Fastest VPN features which come standard for all its Chinese packages are as follows:

  • Five years – It can cost you $0.83 per month
  • One month – It can cost you $10 per month
  • One year – It can cost you $2.49 per month
  • Three years – It can cost you $1.11 per month

All their prices also come standard with their guaranteed 15-Day money-back policy. In the hopes to keep you in control with how you spend your money till the very end. It gives them the utmost pride to hear the problems or praises you, their customers may or may not have.

Last Words

Hopefully, it is clear now to whoever is looking for the best VPN for China that the best is meant to give you precisely what you are asking for, it shouldn’t be about the money or the scores of fans across the globe but your happiness…A VPN service should ensure that the basic principles of excellent service, regardless of where you are in the world and holding on to the principles of speed, security, and reliability.

Furthermore, luckily for you, those were the principles from which FastestVPN was founded on to go against that would be morally equal to a cardinal sin. Use FastestVPN to pass all the restrictions and blocks which the Chinese government imposed, thus surf the internet at your pleasure with unrestricted and anonymous access to possible a billion sites worldwide, and see yourself what you’re missing out.

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Moreover, since VPNs are not illegal in China, you genuinely have nothing to fear head on over to their extremely user-friendly and easy to use website and go wild! That’s all they ask form you, plus don’t forget you can also avail one of their many FastestVPN discount codes and FastestVPN promo code, all to save as much as possible.

However, to truly make them from their many features like malware protection, easy setup, ad blocker, and much more, you can also avail FastestVPN voucher codes and save as much as possible.

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