How to Install Acestream – Updated Acestream Channel List for 2019

How to Install Acestream

One of the blessings of the internet is that it allows you to watch your favorite channels online on any device. And as such, there are many sources where you can watch live TV from anywhere in the world. Acestream is one such source which delivers live channels over the internet.

Although not many people know of this platform, it’s one of the best ways to stream videos in high-quality. We’ll explain how Acestream works and the number of channels you can use.

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What is Acestream and Acestream Channel List?

Acestream is a client which uses the P2P protocol at its core to transfer files over the network. Acestream features Avoid (Audio and Video on Demand), Live Stream (live broadcast), IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top).

The technologies combine to push a platform that delivers high-quality content via streaming. Acestream touts that its service delivers ten times greater quality than even YouTube. P2P mitigates some of the demands that centralized downloading/streaming brings, especially when dealing with high-quality content. And because it uses P2P, torrenting has never been easier. You don’t need to download the entire file, just put in the link begin streaming the file in its original quality.

One more thing you need to know is about content ID. It refers to the ID associated with every channel you want to stream.

How to Use Acestream Channel List?

You may be wondering that this software may require deep technical understanding, fortunately, that’s not the case. Setting up Acestream is very easy, we’ll show you how.

Before we begin, note that Acestream is available only for Windows and Android platforms. But the good news is that it’s completely free, it does not require a paid subscription. However, you need to sign up and install a few things on your device before Acestream is functional.

To stream the channel of your choice, copy its content ID into Acestream to begin streaming.

Follow the steps below to get Acestream channel list working:

  • Visit
  • Download and install Ace Stream Media 3.1 (Win) from the homepage
  • Launch Ace Stream Media HD Player
  • Navigate to Media > Open Ace Stream Content ID > Enter Content ID
  • Click on Play

It will take a few moments for the stream to play, depending on your internet connection. But it will not take longer than you’re used to, that’s the beauty of streaming with Acestream.

 How to Use Acestream Channel List on Different Devices?

You’ll be needing a Windows PC or Android device because Acestream is not available on other platforms. The platforms it does support are easy to set up for, follow these steps below:

Install Acestream on Windows

  • Use any web browser to visit
  • Download and install Ace Stream Media 3.1 (Win)
  • You can now test the app by visiting the Ace Stream website or you can uncheck the option in the dialogue box
  • Now launch Ace Player
  • Navigate to Media > Open Ace Stream Content ID
  • Insert Content ID of the channel you wish to watch
  • Click on Play

Install Acestream on Android

  • Use any web browser to visit
  • Click on Ace Stream Media and it will take you to Play Store or you can search it directly in the Play Store directly
  • Download and install it
  • Once installed, launch the app on your Android device
  • Click on the three-dot menu on the upper-right corner and select Enter Content ID
  • Enter the Content ID of your desired channel
  • Click on Play

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How to Install Acestream on Mac

Officially, Acestream supports only Windows and Android operating system but there’s a way to get it working on macOS, and it is through Soda Player. It natively supports Acestream links and can stream torrent files.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit
  • Download and install Soda Player
  • Launch Soda Player and click on the second option
  • Now enter the Content ID of the video you wish to stream
  • Click Open

Start watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and live TV!

How to Install Acestream on Kodi

  • Launch Kodi and Select Settings (the gear icon).
  • Go to File manager and Click Add Source, then click <NONE>.
  • Enter this URL in the field, then Hit OK.
  • Name this source “Lazy repo”, and then Hit OK
  • Back to Kodi Main menu, Choose Add-ons, and then press the Package installer icon (box-shaped) at the upper left.
  • Now Select Install from Zip file
  • Select LazyKodi
  • Select Repositories
  • Select Androidaba
  • Select Repositories
  • Find and select to add it to your repository.
  • Wait for the notification.
  • Now Choose Install from repository
  • Select.Kodil Repository
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • Look for Plexus and select it.
  • Hit the Install
  • Wait for the Add-on installed notification.
  • Go back to Kodi Home Screen and navigate to Add-ons > Video Add-ons
  • Select Acestream: Play Acestream hash/Torrent URL to launch the addon
  • Use the Content ID to start streaming on Kodi

Updated Acestream Links – Acestream Channel List for 2019

Before you begin the exercise of searching for Content IDs, allow us to serve you a large collection of the most popular channels.

Channel                                       Content ID

FOX SPORT 1                              9a8fd4918cb4f864e0d63a6821a55806f68dc0cc

WWE Network US                     2999a870ac53f3c123e723167dca0e8baff21def

BBC ONE UK                                a30c60fe37ef98a276b0daafcdc0527f534142c5

BBC ONE UK                                 a30c60fe37ef98a276b0daafcdc0527f534142c5

MTV UK                                        7230b0ac56330d388e11f7cf7308232dd5d5187a

BT SPORT 1 UK                           3cf32325ca45e0179e0b1a3e3ad8d2de5296edcd

BT SPORT 2 UK                           33b428a9cec1d7d2cd2809d8e49a687e167378a6

BT SPORT 3 UK                            66ce42b59cd7028be149ee7e7ca17066910b2db3

BT SPORT ESPN UK                      c880ed219ebc35a1a9ab59fe12260c59b25ab406

TSN 1                                              7f9de594019b35ab84b44d1015f31ca9c8ca7813

EXTREME SPORTS                        d8f15fa7affd8a41f53dae7d0b6091f46f7967ba

SKY ONE UK                                   d9135fcc98750c7baa7f0911828ca0dfd0d32054

SKY LIVING UK                             a1323768c7e138c7102469791d6a1add5a625b09

SKY SPORTS Main Event UK       f01dd99ffaa3b1d271ff1f14cc57ecb38a86dbbb

SKY SPORTS Premier League UK                92376ea16e80c90f2727c49e05fc5e4b75eae3e9

PREMIER SPORTS UK                     e4d9f7188e4403523c32717a98093671f8931101

SKY SPORTS Football HD UK         9eba690be925a98e8aecfc758070b874e19260c6

SKY SPORTS Arena HD UK             1c14883164419285b005a7f96d502489e80b8dc4

Viva UK                                             603754550b2f17fba37fa7ddd876a38e97444272

SKY SPORTS Cricket HD UK           bd58392b1180b79c50439bd8beb051ea1d56fa38

SKY SPORTS Golf HD UK               7f0f325c3eafce8bfedfc43a9ddb13f063bf0879

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Conclusion – Acestream Channel List

Use this procedure we’ve outlined and the content IDs we have provided to start watching high-quality streams. All you need is Kodi on your preferred device and the content IDs associated with each channel. Carefully follow this guide and you will have channels like Sky Sports, BBC, ESPN up and running in no time.

We highly recommend using a VPN. We recommend going with FastestVPN because it’s cheap and offers the same top-end features that more expensive VPNs do.

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