How to Stream Netflix While Travelling on Christmas Holiday?

How To Stream Netflix While Travelling On Christmas Holiday

Finally, the holiday season is coming your way, giving you some major goals to keep up with the biggest entertainment of the year.

Wait! When we are talking about entertainment, then how can we evade the Netflix discussion? Yes, Netflix is all set to entertain you the way like never before.

The streaming giant has some of the best holiday-themed shows that you won’t want to miss out for sure. If you have traveling plans outside the USA, you can still watch Netflix with a suitable VPN like Surfshark to unblock the season’s most wanted Netflix shows. Thanks to the VPN technology that will let you connected with your hot favorite Netflix series even while traveling around the world.

Before moving ahead let us quickly tell you that this Christmas, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix ranging from the latest Hallmark’s romance to teen rom-coms to Christmas-themed baking shows and everything in between is lined up for you at Netflix.

The Binge-worthy Netflix Christmas Specials!

  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

This Christmas, get ready to watch Cinderella like never before. The revamped story will leave you excited. She is a singer-songwriter hoping for her big dreams to come true. But, her major life problems are holding her back. Get ready to watch how she manages to live a wonderful life even after facing severe heart-wrenching problems.

  • Magic for Humans

Magic for Humans is another amazing movie to watch this Christmas. The movie will give you some magic motivation since the whole story is based on performing magic tricks for people on the streets.

  • The First Temptation of Christ

It is one of the Christmas special comedy that you can enjoy this year on Netflix. The comedy movie was produced by the Brazilian YouTube comedy group Porta dos Fundos.

  • Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas is a fun full movie to try this Christmas. It is a story of a 30-year old woman, Johanne. The girl got tired of her single status and went on a 24-day hunt to bring a boyfriend home for Christmas.

  • Christmas with My Father

Jack Whitehall: Christmas with my father is one of the hilarious comedy series that you can watch to have a good time with your loved ones. The story is all about a young guy who makes funny efforts to get his father into the Christmas form. 

  • Lost in Space

Lost in Space is definitely a Christmas gift for those who love adventure, thrill and danger. The story is all about a family of space colonists, who had crash-landed on an alien planet making best efforts to safely escape.

  • Three Days of Christmas

Three days of Christmas is a mini Spanish series perfect for those who love to watch short and fun-filled content. The series reveals the story of three sisters who are facing family drama and some secrets happening three different times during Christmas.

  • Alexa & Katie

Alexa & Katie is a revolutionary series that also made to Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program. Alexa is battling cancer and is ready to face everything coming her way. The climax point occurs when she realizes that she is losing hair because of chemo. Will Katie help her with this? That’s what you need to watch on Netflix.

  • A family Reunion Christmas

A family Reunion Christmas is something meaningful to watch this Christmas. The holiday special series portrays family love, empathy, and forgiveness. Meanwhile, M’Dear and her sisters practice singing songs for the great Christmas church event and grandfather gives some major family lessons to the kids.

  • The Princess Switch

The princess switch is one of the best movies to stream on Netflix. We bet that this movie will leave you delighted. The story is all about two women. One is a polite, Chicago baker and the other is the soon-to-be princess. Both women look like twins and plan to trade their places and experience each other problems of daily life.

Don’t miss out on these hottest Netflix Christmas shows. In case, you have plans to travel, you can connect to Netflix with a VPN, such as Surfshark.

The holiday season is knocking on your door, so you might expect some heavy Netflix discounts on streaming devices or for your Netflix account subscription. So get your credit cards ready and to jump to avail discounts for a perfect Christmas, even while traveling around.

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