Best VPN for Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentines Day gift

Valentine’s Day is observed as a day when people around the world gift their loved ones as a reminder of the special relationship. Whether it’s a box of chocolates, a stuffed teddy bear, or a dinner date at the favorite restaurant, Valentine’s Day is all grand displays of affection.

If you’re wondering what gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day, we’ll help you. With the help of some facts, which may come as a revelation to some, we’ll show you how VPN can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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Why VPN is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

A gift is often a representation of how much we care about someone. Hence, it has to be really thoughtful.

The digital age, as much as it’s a blessing, can be dangerous if we’re not careful. Data theft is becoming increasingly common because it’s the most valuable thing in the digital age. Hackers use several techniques which a layman couldn’t foresee until it’s too late.

On top of that, governments around the world, especially the United States, have begun snooping on its citizens for intelligence. This act of monitoring online activity invades privacy, it’s something of a hot topic pro-privacy experts. The answer to these growing privacy concerns is VPN.

A VPN is a private network that you connect with for the purpose of securing internet traffic. In a traditional scenario, all internet requests are handled by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This puts your online activity at the mercy of the ISP. It could track your activity and maintain records of what you do on the internet. And if they find something suspicious, they will report you to relevant authorities.

Activities such as watching copyrighted material could land you a notice from the DMCA.

But above all, it’s that’s more important. VPNs encrypt internet traffic, and the top VPN services use the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that’s impossible to crack. Encryption safeguards your data against hackers.

VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server, encapsulating your online activity away from anyone’s knowledge.

A VPN is recommended while using public Wi-Fi hotspots as they are severely insecure. A hacker on the same network could peek at your internet activity. Imagine revealing sensitive information like credit-card information when purchasing something online using insecure networks like getting Valentine’s Day Gift for your loved one.

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Best VPN for Valentine’s Day Gift

Our pick for the best Valentine’s Day gift goes to FastestVPN. The VPN service is not only bang for the buck but it also offers extensive list of features.

FastestVPN covers worldwide with more than 150+ high-speed servers. Because they are P2P-optimized, you can expect to see the best speeds while torrenting. Malware Protection and Ad-Blocker deliver a browsing experience that’s free of interruptions, enjoy seamless browsing without seeing those annoying ads.

Additionally, FastestVPN lets you connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with one account. They’re offering something special as Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day VPN Deal

To celebrate, FastestVPN is offering free 14-day accounts to the first 50 customers as a Valentine’s Day gift. There’s no catch, just head over to their website and ask for a Valentine’s Day gift. Though actually scoring one depends entirely on your luck.

And if you decide to subscribe to one of their packages after 14-day period, you’ll receive 14% discount towards that purchase.

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