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Best VPN For Chrome

Google Chrome more commonly referred to as “Chrome” is this fantastic cross-platform web browser developed by the tech giant Google. Released back in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, users it was later ported to the famous Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

FastestVPN is the online virtual private network provider of dreams with features which include 256-Bit AES Encryption, Wi-Fi Security, Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall protection and Fast Buffering and Downloading with servers which optimized explicitly for P2P file sharing and incredibly fast speed.

Using FastestVPN, you can improve your browsing experience on Chrome by twofold. Not only their app, but their Chrome extension allows you experience browsing and streaming much more smoothly. FastestVPN chrome extension facilitates you to unblock even those streaming platforms that will otherwise be blocked on FastestVPN or any other VPN app.

Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC, and Spotify without limitations using the extension. Keeping all these features in mind, you can also follow our blog to use the best VPN for Chrome when streaming your favorite content from anywhere in the world.

These are some of the policies regarding copyrighting in different countries and the penalties associated with them.

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“French copyright law”, which developed in the early 18th century, is the ultimate standard for other modern day copyright policies, with elements in numerous countries across the globe.

Their aggressive stance against copyright infringers has placed many behind bars over the years, and the French government has also completely banned pirated streaming sites on all devices, within the countries jurisdiction. Nevertheless, a VPN service should by-pass this nationwide ban, without any legal repercussions and with as little expense as possible.

United States

In the US, copyright law strictly is enforced. As the overall number of copyright infringers grow, the government has penalized any infringer with hefty fines for breaking the law.

Moreover, if found guilty of downloading copyrighted material without permission, they can also find themselves placed in jail in high priorities cases.

United Kingdom

The enactment of the Digital Economy Act (DEA) has effectively increased the maximum prison sentence for copyright infringers. Moreover, the act effectively outlawed pirated streaming sites, thus making VPN’s more crucial.

Although it is highly unlikely that an average user like you, watching harmless movies or TV shows on your Chrome device could face such harsh penalties, it merely isn’t worth it to risk going to jail! Thus as of right now, all popular streaming websites are blocked in the United Kingdom for all devices!


Online piracy firmly is highly prohibited in Germany, as first-time offenders are legally required to pay hefty fines. The German government alone is much harsher on operators of online piracy and streaming sites. Proving that online piracy isn’t taken lightly in Germany; thus, we recommend using the best VPN for Chrome at all costs.


Online pirates in Australia also face severe fines or five years of minimum imprisonment. The government of Australia has also doubled down on the protection of online pirates by passing stricter laws in parliament, which protects copyright holders.

Although only a few cases have sprung up on the charge of copyright infringement. It is thus recommended to use a VPN regardless of what device you use.

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Best VPN for Chrome

The following is a detailed list of all the best VPN for Chrome available to you.


When using FastestVPN, you automatically are guaranteed a vast array of features for every package you avail. The goal behind subscribing to FastestVPN is to get streaming access to all the best broadcasters, and streaming sites, without geo-restrictions. FastestVPN ensures that you do not miss the incredible action of all your favorite live matches, movies, TV shows, documentaries and events on your Chrome browser as it unfolds.

What makes FastestVPN our first choice is its Chrome Extension. The VPN Chrome Extension allows you to overcome geo-restrictions on multiple platforms. Not just that, it lets you browse the web smoothly without any changes in internet speed. Enjoy your internet sessions without hurdles and get an anonymous, air-tight secure connection all the while.

When it comes to their fundamental privacy rights, FastestVPN has emerged as the ultimate tool when you are looking for safe and reliable internet access with quality malware protection and ad blocking capability. FastestVPN comes highly recommended, regardless of where you are in the world, building their vast customer base on the principles of speed, security, and customer satisfaction.

It is due to these principles, which thus became the cornerstone to all of their operations. Although relatively new to this industry, FastestVPN started back in 2017 in the Cayman Islands and ever since then has served to satisfy millions globally every year.


ExpressVPN is a VPN provider founded in the UK, promising to encrypt users’ web traffic and mask their IP address, anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN, at the same time, provides maximum security and privacy for on all known devices, including your MacOS, Android, iOS, and Apple TV. ExpressVPN


IPVanish keeps your real IP address hidden masking it behind a wall of encryption. By doing so, online marketers and search engine sites are all oblivious of your personal data. This allows you to freely access the internet without your privacy being compromised.

The developers of IPVanish also assure smooth internet experience via various features like P2P optimized server, ad blocking capability and 256-Bit AES Encryption, all of which give you a sense of anonymity and at the same time protect against potential hackers.


SurfShark works by encrypting all the internet traffic sent to and from your device, regardless of what your location is. SurfShark strongly believes in making your IP address private, allowing you to browse the web for as little cost as possible, anonymously. With SurfShark, your online transactions become more private and secure as well. It is due to all these features that Surfshark quickly made the list of best VPN for Chrome.


CyberGhost is a uniquely designed VPN service who founded their company on the vision for defending the online privacy rights of all individuals across the globe.

CyberGhost mainly attributed its success to being a strong supporter of civil rights, and a being a firm believer of a free society. Thus using this VPN provider to stream all your movies and TV shows on your Chrome browser is the best option for you! Furthermore, don’t forget that CyberGhost also hosts a wide variety of apps which are easily compatible with all devices.


Due to the various problems regarding copyright infringement across the globe, NordVPN emerged as the leading VPN provider in over 30 different countries, ensuring that the fundamental human right to stream anonymously gets ensured. With a range of cutting-edge features, which shields your internet activity from hackers and third parties, by protecting you whenever you stream movies and TV shows on your device.

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You now know whatever there is to know about streaming safely and anonymously. Watch your favorite TV shows, movies and documentaries on your Chrome Browser. Moreover, don’t forget to use one of the best VPN for Chrome to enhance your streaming experience without facing geo-restriction or speed throttling issues.

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