The List of 10 Best Apps For Firestick Lovers

Best Apps For Firestick

Do you want to know what the essential apps are for your Firestick that has just been launched for the platform and is gaining an immense amount of popularity? We have a few options that shouldn’t go missing in your Firestick.

Keep in mind that this Amazon device works with Fire OS, a sweetened version of Android that takes us to the Amazon app store, a replica of the Google Play Store but with fewer applications.

Almost all the applications for the Firestick that we recommend are totally free (or at least too cheap).

This article will discuss the list of 10 best apps for Firestick that will make it reach another level.

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VPN to maintain your privacy and security on Firestick

Do you want to improve privacy on your device? You need to connect to a VPN, and I’ll recommend one of the best options, FastestVPN. This VPN service is perfect for watching Netflix all over the world.

Probably Netflix is ​​one of the star applications in your new device, and the best thing is that FastestVPN adapts to your Android TV perfectly, thanks to the native app navigation.

How does a VPN network work?

A VPN network will encrypt all your data as soon as you install your software on your Firestick (and connect it). It will create a kind of tunnel where your data will travel safely while being encrypted (you will only see numbers and random letters). Only you and the VPN developers know the “key” that encrypts your communication.

Even if someone is able to penetrate into that tunnel, everything he will see inside the tunnel will seem unreadable; a good way to improve your online security.

In addition, you can change your IP to simulate that you are connected from another country.

Amazon Firestick remote control app.

The app that will save your life by putting all the passwords on your Firestick safely. All you have to do is to put your passwords of all the services such as Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and other services in the cloud. It will keep your password safe and secure.

It is available on Android and iOS. You can use this app for easy navigation, with its easy text entry keyboard and for quick access to your applications and games. Now, you have an application on your mobile that saves passwords. You just have to copy and paste the password into this app, and in less than 5 seconds, you will speak to your user. You can also use it in video games.

Internet browser – Firefox

The perfect browser for your Firestick. Respects your privacy and is adapted to this type of device. It is quite essential because the official YouTube app for Firestick no longer works. From Firefox, you can access YouTube in a very simple way.

What are the best applications for your Firestick?

  1. Kodi (free)

It is one of the best media centers that gives you access to movies, documentaries, and TV shows from around the world. You will need a few Kodi addons, but afterward, everyone will be at your fingertips.

  1. ES File Explorer (free)

The definitive file browser for Android systems is present among the best apps that you can download on your Firestick. With ES File Explorer you can comfortably manage all the files. You can cut, copy, and delete your files and folders, view their properties, and perform searches.

  1. Downloader (free)

The app that will allow you to download anything from the internet on your Firestick. Essential if you want to install Kodi on your player. Very simple to use. You put the download link, and you can easily navigate to the option you need to download.

  1. Stranger Things: The Game (free)

This retro video game will make you fall in love with itself within the first few moments. Very easy to play. You get into the skin of the protagonists of the Netflix TV series. The typical game of the 80s with a death soundtrack.

  1. Hot Wheels: Race Off (free)

Another game specially designed to use the simple control of the Firestick. Two cars are competing side by side jumping and running like crazy for impossible ramps. Try not to get your vehicle destroyed! Very entertaining.

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  1. PLEX (free)

If you do not cheer with Kodi, your second best choice as a multimedia center is PLEX. A classic on several platforms that will help you manage your multimedia library. You will be able to stream all your files. It supports subtitles and also allows you to see your photos, videos, TV series, and music.

If you have a computer, you just have to install the Plex Media Server and follow the instructions given to share all your files in your local network. It is very simple. Basically, you only have to register in Plex and then go activating all your devices with the Plex app.

  1. NASA (free)

Do you like space? Do you want to see impressive images? Do you want to watch videos from NASA? Everything you need to know about the space agency is in this app hard on your Firestick.

  1. Badland (free)

One of the most awarded video games of recent years on mobile platforms may also be on your Firestick. Spectacular graphics and a good soundtrack. You have 100 levels to overcome in a single player mode and a multiplayer mode with 30 levels. You will have to overcome a surprising amount of ingenious traps and obstacles to win this game.

  1. VLC for Fire (free)

Another media player for your Firestick that you cannot miss. The best option on Mac and Windows due to its features of supporting all the formats. If you do not want to complicate your life with Kodi or PLEX, this is the best option. It can support all the audio and video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV, or AAC. It supports subtitles

  1. Crunchyroll – Anime and Drama (free for 14 days)

If you like Anime series, this app is perfect for you. You have all the Japanese and Asian anime series. There are more than 25,000 episodes, and they are translated into several languages. You have 14 trial days, and then you have to pay a subscription free, which is a nominal amount.

Another app that is worth downloading on your Firestick

Spotify (free)

No need to explain anything about this app. music everywhere and totally free in its free plan (with ads). You only have to register in this portal.

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Although there are numerous apps available, we believe these are the best apps for Firestick that were worth mentioning. These are literally the must-haves. You need to download these apps now to gain the full advantage of your Firestick.

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